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Why Burn Boot Camp Partners with the Muscular Dystrophy Association

July 1, 2019

The average American takes at least 5,117 steps a day without thinking twice—but imagine if you didn’t have the ability to take a single step or move your body every day.

Neuromuscular diseases take away the freedom to walk, talk, run, play, laugh, hug, eat, and even breathe, from kids and adults. These diseases go by names that you may have heard before, like muscular dystrophy and ALS. They all have one thing in common—weakened muscle strength and limited mobility.

At Burn Boot Camp, we aim to push ourselves and our physical boundaries daily. It is our mission to ignite a global health transformation through empowering individuals to build confidence and happiness that will transcend fitness into a community of mentally, emotionally, and physically strong people. We are a community dedicated to educating, influencing, and inspiring every life with knowledge, love, strength, and passion.

These principles are instilled into everything we do at Burn Boot Camp—and it shows.

Philanthropy is an integral part of our culture, but there is something special about a relationship as natural as the one between the Muscular Dystrophy Association and Burn Boot Camp.

When we founded Burn Boot Camp in 2012, the idea of having over 200 open locations across the United States was a dream. The passion behind that dream is what made it become a reality and continues to ignite a fire into all of the communities they touch. From day one, we’ve shared a deep passion for philanthropy and knew there was a way to channel all the passion in these communities to serve those who face daily physical challenges by no fault of their own.

It is with this same passion that Burn Boot Camp is partnering with the MDA for the second year for the Be Their Muscle event. This event is designed to give children with muscular dystrophy and related illnesses the opportunity to take part in a physical fitness activity and become a part of Burn Nation. On July 20th 2019, camps across the nation will host their typical 45 minute camps, but with an added bonus—children with neuromuscular diseases will stand alongside Burn Boot Camp trainers to help train the camp.

The money raised at these events helps send these kids and hundreds of others to MDA Summer Camp. These camps allow dreams of swimming, zip-lining, horseback riding, dancing—activities that non-disabled people wouldn’t think twice about—to become a reality. The MDA puts it best, “When kids attend MDA Summer Camp, they gain independence as they spend time away from home and, more importantly, time away from their primary caregivers. They learn to accept personal care from someone other than their parents, form lifelong friendships, develop greater self-esteem and confidence, and get the chance to spend time with kids who have similar challenges.”

Each summer, more than 3,800 children with muscular dystrophy and related diseases get to participate in these camps at no cost to their families. A huge part of dreaming is doing, which is why Burn Boot Camp is proud to have hosted over 100 Be Their Muscle events and raised over $170,000 for MDA last year. As our co-founder, Devan Kline, says, “falling short of our goals is never an option.” So, Burn Boot Camp is setting the bar high in 2019, and hosting nearly 200 Be Their Muscle events on July 20th with a $500,000 national fundraising goal.

If you want to join Burn Nation in reaching our goal by donating or participating in a local event, there is still time to register. Visit the 2019 Be Their Muscle page for details on how you can get involved today!

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