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Burn Boot Camp Expands Online Service Featuring At-Home Workouts Designed For Everyone

March 2, 2023

CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 2, 2023 — Leading fitness franchise, Burn Boot Camp, whose mission and passion is to empower communities through transformative workouts and complete nutritional and trainer support, is pleased to expand its Burn Boot Camp Live offering to the masses this year in hopes of inspiring more in their wellness journeys. Currently only available to non-members once a week, the live workouts, led by Director of Fitness, Matt Morris, will now be available to members and non-members for free five days a week via the brand’s YouTube channel starting March 6th, growing its camp access and digital community. 

The goal of Burn Boot Camp Live is to meet more people where they are in their mental and physical fitness transformations. Since the brand is not a one size fits all model, the online workouts feature Morris accompanied by four real-life people showcasing various modifications: baseline, mod down, mod up, and pregnancy to accommodate everyone. In addition to the live 45-minute workouts that people can join in real-time, Burn Boot Camp’s YouTube channel also offers a motivational series, and fitness, wellness, and nutrition tips from Certified Personal Trainers, making the service truly customizable for all fitness levels.  

“We understand that not everyone can make it to our camps every day or maybe aren’t located near one of our franchise locations, so we’re excited to expand this platform to reach an even wider community emphasizing convenience while still delivering on the Burn Boot Camp fitness product,” says Morgan Kline, CEO, and Co-Founder of Burn Boot Camp. “It’s in our DNA to provide differentiated workouts with modifications that meet people wherever they are in their fitness journeys so that they feel motivated while improving confidence and performance. As we continue to celebrate our tenth anniversary, this feels like the right next step in our future growth.” 

Burn Boot Camp Live will post live workouts Monday through Friday at 9 AM ET (6 AM PT) that will remain on the channel for anyone to take the online camp whenever it works for their schedule, emphasizing convenience at the core. Those interested in joining a live camp now have the option to be notified and reminded of an upcoming session to help keep their goals on track. The YouTube channel will also feature other fitness-related content weaved in daily with series such as “Trainer Talks,” “Ask Devan Anything,” “Motivation with Morgan,” “Keep Moving with the Klines,” and more to come in the pipeline. 

For more information on Burn Boot Camp, visit burnbootcamp.com, and learn more about the live and on-demand sessions by subscribing to the YouTube channel at Youtube.com/@BurnBootCamp/streams. To sign up for the workouts direct to your inbox, visit here.  

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