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Burn Breakdown

March 13, 2017

Going anywhere new is intimidating. When you’re alone and you have to walk into a room packed with people you’ve never met, it’s easy to want to turn around and run! We’ve all been there in some shape or form. Your hands get clammy, you have butterflies in your stomach, you feel like everyone is watching you and judging your every move. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s accurate. Joining a gym is a big step, and a scary one for many people. Luckily, the initial fear suddenly dissipates when you recognize the community that surrounds you at Burn. It’s different! It’s not “cliquey.” Burn Boot Camp welcomes every woman, of every skill set, with open arms. Here are…

 5 Things You Should Know When Come To Burn

You’ll Hear Your Name

When you’re jumping down into a squat and you hear your name called out, don’t be alarmed! You might be new, but you aren’t in trouble. Our trainers are here to push you when you need to be pushed, and motivate you to reach your utmost potential. They want to get to know you so they can help you reach your goals and solidify your strengths. It’s a relationship that will only make you better! Think of it as a term of endearment. You’ll learn to love it!

You’ll Meet New Friends

Even if you’re new, we can guarantee you’ll be headed home knowing at least one other clients name. You aren’t going to be working out by yourself, that’s why we call ourselves a “community of women!” This isn’t like when you go to the gym and stroll on a treadmill for 45 minutes. Burn Boot Camp is about interaction. Your camp is your team. You are working together as a whole, encouraging each other to improve. You aren’t alone in this!

You’ll Be Sore But You’ll Want More

No matter how many times you attend camp, if you’re doing the exercises with correct form, you will be sore the next day. Ask the veterans! It’s about challenging your body. If you want to build muscle and gain strength, you can’t stick with the same routine. When you come to Burn, each day you should push yourself harder than the one before. Our workouts are organized so that you never do the same thing twice! Your sore muscles will go back to normal, but the results will stay!

You’ll Hear Terms You Don’t Understand

Exercises such as “grasshopper burpees, green bays, and med-ball jacks” don’t fall into your list of ordinary workout terminology. Sprint, jump, lunge, those are more common! When you come to camp, there may be a few words that sound intimidating, but luckily we are here to help. Not only will your trainer walk you through each workout and explain the movement, but you’ll also be able to ask your peers for help. As the camp plays out, you’ll be able voice any questions or concerns you have with an immediate response. Don’t be embarrassed, we’re all learning!

You’ll Want To Quit

Burn Boot Camp workouts aren’t easy. If they were easy, do you think people’s lives would be transformed? Do you think that change would occur? When you’re standing in the middle of camp and sweat is dripping down your face, you’ll feel ready to give up… but you wont. You’ll look up at the inspiration all around the room, pictures of transformations stories and signs that remind you what you’re capable of, and you’ll remember why you started.

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