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Career Dreams Can Come True As A Burn Boot Camp Franchise Partner

April 13, 2022

Holly Strickland, Franchise Partner at Burn Boot Camp Naples, Florida, has been a part of the Burn family from the beginning.  Her passion for fitness came to life in college where she earned her degree in Sports & Fitness with a minor in coaching & fitness training.  

Our founders, Devan and Morgan, lived in Naples before starting Burn Boot Camp and met Holly and her family through mutual friends. The Klines and Holly stayed connected when Morgan and Devan moved to Charlotte, and they knew Naples was one of the first cities they wanted to plant blue roots down.  

“This is going to be the biggest thing ever. You have to join us.” -Devan, during one of his first phone calls with Holly about Burn Boot Camp 

Simply stated, this woman is helping us take the fitness industry by storm. Holly’s passion, drive, and motivation to inspire, empower and transform her community is why Burn Nation is what it is today. Learn more about how important it is to be an audacious goal setter and some hacks to “doing it all” in her full interview with Morgan

What was on your mind when you first became a Franchise Partner? 

“I had no idea what I was doing at first. I think there is a mindset that you must have a background in accounting or operations to run a business, and you don’t. If I can do this successfully, anyone can. A lot of the first years I was just winging it.” -Holly 

What is your best advice for a future Franchise Partner? 

“Hire into your weaknesses! If there is something you are not strong in, find and hire someone who is.” -Holly 

How do you wear so many hats, juggling a firefighter’s schedule, your son, and the gym? 

“I am an excellent napper and really believe in recharging so you can show up 100%! Haha. But really – organization is the name of the game. It’s key to being successful in all areas.” -Holly 

Do you have any favorite moments with members being a trainer and Franchise Partner? 

“I am so emotional when people hit goals. Focus meetings and transformation stories are some of my fondest memories. I truly believe in our members and when I see them put their heart and soul into their work at the gym, it really moves me.” -Holly 

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