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Celebrating the Excellence Our Black Leaders Bring To Burn Boot Camp

February 21, 2022

Burn Boot Camp is honored to present part two with Franchise Partners LaTanya & Renaldo Wynn in our Black History Month Series, highlighting the stories and lived experiences of our community of Black members and Franchise Partners. Our mission is to provide everyone with the opportunity, the means, and motivation to be in a better position, physically and mentally.

We’re all Burn Nation. 💙

What are some of your strengths as leaders?

“LaTanya is a powerhouse behind the scenes. She has an incredible heart. She connects with people on an intimate level and her vulnerability and ability to listen is a great gift. She shares great advice with our members who are going through things – she can really motivate people and make a difference.

We’re both great motivators! I was a motivational speaker. So I’m just more upfront in my approach. I’m at the forefront. I love singing, being loud, putting myself out there. The members have been known to create a meme or two of me.” -Renaldo

How have you surprised yourself in your leadership?

“We had to step up in a new way during the pandemic. It really broke our training team down. We were worried we’d have to close. I had no choice but to step up as a trainer. At the time, I didn’t have a certification and I was looking for an out. 

I had all sorts of conversations looking for the out, just waiting for someone to give me the excuse I desperately wanted to hire someone instead of stepping up to the plate. Then, I called Devan Kline, and he told me there was no one better for the job. It was my time to step up and be a leader; so that’s what I did.”

“Renaldo becoming a trainer was the best thing for us and for our gym! This was his destiny within Burn and it really fueled our dream to push us to the next level” -LaTanya

As leaders in the black community, what advice would you give to your younger self just starting out as a black entrepreneur? 

“We’re entrepreneurs who just happen to be black is the way I see it. ‘Your life comes to an end when you stop doing things that matter’ is my favorite MLK quote. Making an impact on someone’s life is what is most important to me. Making way for positive change. I would tell my younger self to dig deeper than myself and ask what I can do for others. If it’s not impacting other people it doesn’t have staying power.” -Renaldo

“Mom: I picked up where you left off. My mom was an entrepreneur and I feel as though I’m carrying out her legacy because she no longer can.” – LaTanya

Black leaders within Burn have shared how important it is for their communities to see people that look like them owning and in the gym. What does that mean to you?

“I remember one day working out in Charlotte, we were outside and it started raining. I was thinking ‘black women don’t work out in the rain! My hair does NOT work out in the rain! But the trainer wouldn’t let me take the excuse. I used to think I had to show up with a friend as a security blanket, or only go a few times a week so I didn’t have to wash my hair. But something changed one day. I started going to camp alone, and I started not caring that I had to wash and style my hair three times a week. Burn was bigger than those excuses.” -LaTanya

What would you tell a prospective black business owner?

My advice would be not to limit yourself just because the space is narrow. Just because you don’t see a lot of black people in a certain career path, or owning a certain business, it doesn’t mean YOU can’t do it.” -LaTanya

What does it mean for you to be a female black leader and entrepreneur?

“If you show people love, they don’t even see color. We’re one of the most diverse gyms in Vegas and that is something we’re so proud of. Your race and religion don’t matter in this space. People walk in as strangers and leave as family members” -Renaldo

How has Burn helped you grow?

“We’ve been married for 26 years. I was okay living in the background for the majority of that time. Burn has brought me my independence and pride in being a strong black woman. I feel like I found myself again. Raising our daughter and being a stay-at-home Mom, and taking care of Renaldo, it was my life’s work but something was missing. I found my purpose with Burn, it’s so nice to be passionate about something that’s just for you.” – LaTanya

“My fitness. I really believe that Burn saved my life. When I was an NFL player, working out was my job. It was part of the high-pressure situation. It gets tiresome. My habits plummeted when I stopped working out. I learned so much as an athlete but I didn’t learn lifelong habits that would keep me healthy. I feel so much better now. I was going down a bad path with my health and fitness until Burn came into the picture.” -Renaldo

Dream the dreams you think are off-limits. Set the goals you think are out of reach. Find the community that wants you to win. We celebrate the excellence our black leaders and members bring to Burn Boot Camp every day.


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