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Celebrating the Moms of Burn Nation

May 8, 2024

It All Starts with Moms

Beyond the workout, Burn Boot Camp provides a transformative experience that supports women and their families. Through challenging Camps, nutrition guidance, and a supportive community, we encourage moms nationwide to take charge of their health and motivate those who look up to them. Whether they’re showing up to take Camp, leading as a Trainer on the Floating Floor, or opening their own location to share their passion with their community, we’re highlighting some of Burn Nation’s strong and empowered moms.

A Message From Morgan Kline

As a community centered around empowerment, we’re excited to share an inspiring message from CEO and co-founder Morgan Kline, who speaks on navigating the delicate balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship. Morgan’s vision for Burn Boot Camp is rooted in creating a supportive community where women can connect, grow, and thrive.

“As a mother and CEO, the delicate balance between nurturing my family and running a business that empowers other women has been and continues to be a journey. It’s about showing up for myself and those who rely on me. The truth is, becoming the person I want to be, surrounded by the people I want to be with, requires strength and giving myself a lot of grace, especially when juggling the demands of motherhood and entrepreneurship. Building Burn Boot Camp, supporting and empowering other women, has been challenging and rewarding. Witnessing the transformative journeys of women, some of whom have overcome profound adversity, has been truly inspiring.”

“As I navigate the role of mom and CEO, I’ve realized that it’s critical to have a space where women can connect with one another and feel empowered and confident. Balancing all these responsibilities has taught me the importance of accountability and surrounding myself with people who inspire, encourage, and motivate me. My two NorthStar goals are the success of Burn Boot Camp and being the best mom I can be. What I have realized in this journey is that I don’t have to choose between taking care of myself or my family. They’re one and the same.”

An Inspiring Mother and Daughter Franchise Partner Duo

Melissa (Mel) and Patrice Elnicki, a dynamic mother and daughter duo, recently opened their own Burn Boot Camp location together. Mel was pursuing her degree in Nutrition and Dietetics when she decided to take her first Camp. She shared her love of Burn Boot Camp with her mom and then became inspired to take on a new role as a Trainer. After years of involvement with Burn, Mel and her mom, Patrice, decided to take the next step and open their own location together. Mel shares her journey to ownership with her mom and the impact that Burn Boot Camp had in bringing them closer together.

“I began my Burn Boot Camp journey in December 2016. At the time, I was working on my Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in Buffalo, NY. I came from a background of playing sports my entire life and lost that after not pursuing college athletics. When I tried Burn Boot Camp for the first time I instantly knew it would be a place that would challenge me both mentally and physically and help me regain the confidence I had lost from being so inactive. After months of convincing, my mom, Patrice, joined me at Burn, finding the same empowerment in the community that I did. After a few years of growth and transformation as a Burn Member, my Trainer approached me and encouraged me to pursue becoming a Burn Trainer.”

“He inspired a whole new vision and direction in my life that got me to where I am today. I finished grad school and decided to pursue a career as a Trainer. In January 2020, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona to explore opportunities outside of my comfort zone. I was quickly hired by Burn Boot Camp Paradise Valley, a brand-new start up location that was still under construction. I took on the role as Head Trainer and after 4 years of personal and professional growth with Burn, I knew I was ready to pursue ownership, and there is no one who could compliment me better as a business partner than my mom. Between my experience firsthand as a Burn Trainer and leader in my community, my mom’s experience in business and accounting, and both of our passion for Burn and it’s impact, being Franchise Partners together was the perfect fit.”

Empowerment Starts at Camp

By creating a space where women feel confident and supported, we turn every workout into an opportunity for empowerment and personal growth, which is why Camp is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the strong women in your life and feel supported by your community. Find a location near you to transform your life and join us in person on the Floating Floor. Want to be a part of Burn Boot Camp any time of the day? Download the Burn Boot Camp app and start your 7-day free trial of Burn On Demand, where you get access to challenging and fun workouts designed for every member of your family.

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