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Celebrating Women as Leaders

March 6, 2023

Burn Boot Camp was founded on empowering, inspiring, and transforming the lives of women and their families. Our mission has never changed. We sat down and spoke with our CEO, Morgan Kline, and asked her some questions about our mission and why women are at the core of it. 

Why is our mission so heavily focused on women empowerment? Why women?  

“Women are the leaders of their family. Burn Boot Camp’s mission is to ignite a global heath transformation and to do that, you have to help impact the leaders first. The more we can empower women to step into their calling and power, the more of a ripple effect that will have on others!”

What do you want the women of Burn Nation to believe about themselves?  

“That they can do anything they set their mind to. Each day is a new opportunity to step boldly into the life YOU want to live and lead. Don’t let society or others beliefs hold you back!” 

In your opinion, why do women make incredible leaders? 

“Women have a natural tendency to nurture others and deploy soft skills to connect with their people. I believe this translates to a successful leader by being a good listener, understanding what your employees need, and pouring into others to collectively get the job done. Having a teamwork mindset that doesn’t take away from individual success.” 

If you want to empower, inspire, and transform the women and their families in your community, click here.  

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