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Change Your Mindset

January 17, 2017

Here at Burn Boot Camp we pride ourselves on inspiring others, empowering women and changing lives. We work hard to let our clients know that change isn’t just external, but internal as well. When you take care of your physical health, your mental health immediately improves and leaves you feeling positive and ready to conquer the world. Read about how Sara Sherry changed her body, her mindset and her life through joining Burn…

Sara Sherry – Burn Boot Camp – Ashburn, VA

My name is Sara Jane Sherry and I attend the Ashburn, VA, Burn Boot Camp. Before joining Burn, I felt stuck. I had been living an active lifestyle and exercised regularly, but I struggled with seeing results.  I was not feeling comfortable in my own skin (or clothes) and was beginning to think I needed a change. Like anything new, I was a little nervous before starting Burn. I joined our Ashburn, VA location during their Grand Opening. I felt comfortable with the boot camp format, as I had been doing that for a number of years.  What I didn’t realize when I joined Burn was that I was capable of so much more than I knew. To date, I have lost 16 pounds, 5% body fat and 4.5 inches. I have begun to notice some increased muscle tone in my arms, quads and back. I have always been my own worst critic, often turning towards belittling even when I’ve done something well. I compare myself to others and become frustrated when I can’t perform at a higher level.  However, I’m slowly beginning to celebrate small victories when they happen- to allow myself to feel strong when I hold that 5-minute plank or beat the clock on timed sprints.

I’m also learning to be more patient and to “trust the process.” I view where I am now, as just a stepping-stone to where I hope to be in the future.  I am pleased with my weight loss and the changes in my body composition I have made to date.  Looking towards the future, I don’t have a number on the scale in mind.  Would I like to look more cut? Yes. Would I love to gain more lean muscle?  Absolutely. But my goal is simple- I want to be the best version of myself. I want to live a healthy lifestyle FOR GOOD- allowing myself to enjoy life along the way. Right now I am feeling uplifted, that finally, my hard work in and out of the gym is changing my body in ways I had only dreamed before I joined Burn.  I am also hopeful of what I can accomplish as I continue to improve my performance at camp.  Burn has directed me towards a dietary lifestyle of macro counting. I spend Sunday’s meal prepping which keeps me accountable during the busy weekdays.  I am so grateful I have found a gym family who provide me with support and encouragement. The amazing women I have met at Burn are a huge source of motivation for me.  Our head trainer, Chris, and gym owner, Lindsey, have been nothing but positive from the start.  They have been instrumental in helping me see results and assured me to stay the course when I’ve been frustrated or discouraged.  I am so pleased to be on this journey with Burn and can’t wait to see where it takes me.


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