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Chest & Shoulders Opening Flow LIVE with Tyler Plank

June 20, 2016

Open Up (your shoulders & chest)!

After a tough week of camp, it’s always a good idea to stretch it out. Tyler Plank, our in house yoga instructor, walks us through a flow that is perfect for opening those shoulders up. A regular yoga practice leave you feeling invigorated and ready for the next week of challenges. We use our shoulders and chest a lot in camp, whether it’s push/pull day or Burpee finisher.

By taking the time to stretch and use some of these yoga moves, you can greatly improve range of motion and aid soreness in your shoulders and chest. Try a move or do the whole flow – it’s guaranteed to leave you feeling great!

Yoga is an awesome additive to camp and training because it helps practice flexibility, which in turn allows more explosiveness. Just be sure to be mindful of your body during the flow – always come back to downward dog or child’s pose if you need a break.


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