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Chocolate AfterBurn Protein Iced Mocha

June 10, 2019

Want to know something crazy? A typical chocolate iced mocha contains 36 grams of carbohydrates, with 25 grams being from sugar alone! That is more carbohydrates and sugar than a donut! Most of us would never make a donut our breakfast staple, but for some reason we don’t think twice about grabbing an iced mocha on our way into work. Did you know consuming processed carbohydrates and sugar first thing in the morning sets you up for an increased appetite and heightened food cravings for the rest of your day? No thanks!

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Ditch the sugar!

So think twice about that iced mocha before you overload your body with empty calories, unnecessary carbohydrates and a crazy amount of sugar first thing in the morning. Instead, fill up on this blood-sugar-stabilizing, craving-killing and super-satisfying Chocolate AfterBurn Protein Iced Mocha! With the perfect balance of high-quality protein, healthy fats and (of course) coffee, there is no better way to fuel your mornings, setting you up for a day of more healthy choices.

An extra boost of chocolate!

I actually make this Chocolate AfterBurn Protein Iced Mocha with an extra boost of chocolate by adding cacao powder*. Not cocoa powder, but cacao powder. Cacao is cocoa, or chocolate, in its natural state. It is completely raw, contains zero added ingredients and aids in boosting overall vitality. Cacao is best known for its fat-burning, weight-loss qualities. It works to help your body more easily metabolize fat. It utilizes fat as energy, mobilizing your fat stores rather than storing excess fat. And due to its high fiber content and ability to increase the amount of serotonin produced in your brain, it suppresses your appetite—helping you feel fuller longer throughout your day. Now you can see why I love adding a tablespoon of this superfood into my Chocolate AfterBurn Protein Iced Mocha!

Add ghee for extra creaminess!

I also love adding a tablespoon of ghee into my Chocolate AfterBurn Protein Iced Mocha. Yes, I realize ghee* is not a typical ingredient in an iced mocha, but I love the creaminess it adds, plus it helps keep me fuller longer on those mornings I don’t have time to eat breakfast right away. You may be wondering what ghee is exactly, am I right? To put it simply, butter is made up of milk solids and butterfat, and when you heat it for a certain period of time, the two will eventually become separated. When you discard the milk solids, you’ve got yourself some ghee, also known as clarified butter. Ghee is an extremely healthy fat, packed with CLA, which is a fat-burning and weight-loss-boosting fatty acid. Combining the Chocolate AfterBurn protein powder with a good healthy fat is the perfect combination for stabilizing your blood sugar levels in the morning, reducing cravings throughout the day and keeping you satisfied until you have time to sit down and enjoy breakfast. If you’re not into using ghee, coconut oil will work just the same, as well as provide you with the same health benefits.

The key ingredient: Afterburn Protein Powder

And finally, this Chocolate AfterBurn Protein Iced Mocha couldn’t be made without my favorite protein powder, Chocolate AfterBurn. This protein powder is made from whey and is one  of the few protein powders on the shelves that is made from organic, grass-fed whey. It’s clean, containing zero artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, plus no pesticides, hormones or toxic fillers!  

With all these amazing ingredients packed into this Chocolate AfterBurn Protein Iced Mocha, it’s my coffee drink of choice after I crush my morning workout!

This Chocolate AfterBurn Protein Iced Mocha is…









Extra chocolaty

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Chocolate AfterBurn Protein Iced Mocha


1 scoop Chocolate AfterBurn

1 tbsp. cacao powder*

1 tbsp. ghee* or coconut oil

8 oz. freshly brewed coffee


In a blender, first blend together the freshly brewed coffee and ghee. Add remaining ingredients and continue to blend until smooth. Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts:

Calories: 277

Carbs: 9g

Fat: 16g

Protein: 24g

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