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Clean Eating Success with Amanda Berger & Andy Jones

July 1, 2016

Clean Shopping = Clean Eating

To eat clean you have to buy clean – obviously! Success in a fitness regimen begins with clean shopping, which can cause struggle for some. It gets tough deciding on which produce items should be bought organic, and it can often get expensive. Burn Boot Camp Lake Wylie/Tega Cay trainers and fitness experts, Amanda Berger and Andy Jones, walk us through Earth Fare and educate us how to shop clean eats for the best prices.

Amanda talks to us about her favorite fruits and veggies and which ones are the best to buy organic. Summer fruits like watermelon can be bought regular, which saves money! She also gives us tips on which items contribute to macro ratios – and now we know how to enjoy bananas without messing up our perfect percentages.

From produce to condiments, they have the answers on what to buy organic and how to use the ingredients to take your clean eating from boring to lively! Next time you’re at the store debating on what you should buy, remember these tips.

At Burn Boot Camp we practice what we preach – Eat Clean, Train Dirty! 

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