Client of the Month: Jemekka Richardson - Burn Boot Camp
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Jemekka Richardson

Client of the Month: Jemekka Richardson

April 27, 2017

Jemekka signed up for 30 days, not knowing how her life would be transformed! Now she’s down 36 pounds and feeling happy and confident!

I had no idea that a 30 day Groupon would be a life-changing purchase. Burn Boot Camp was my last resort. I had lost and gained weight more times than I can remember. I have an 11 year old daughter and 4 year old twins, and thought that my body just wasn’t meant to snap back to the way it was before having them. I had all but given up when one of my colleagues told me, several times, to come work out with her at Burn. I knew about Burn Boot Camp, and decided that I would take her up on the offer. I thought it would be a great way to jumpstart my workout routine. I was hooked after the first workout, and knew that I would be joining as soon as my 30 days were over.

I have lost 36 lbs. since starting, but have gained so many other things! I am stronger than I have ever been. When I started, I was looking for the 5 lbs. dumbbells (there weren’t any) and now I don’t go lower than 25 lbs. My energy is through the roof! I start my day at 5 a.m. with a great workout, and that carries me through the day. My confidence is at an all-time high. I feel good about myself, and I like how I look. Most importantly, my husband and my children see the difference, and also reap the benefits of my new lifestyle. I can play with them without getting tired, and they love how strong mommy is LOL! Even though my oldest daughter has always been confident, I see that my self-confidence has caused hers to increase. People always tell her that she looks just like me. I never thought about how she felt when she heard that before, considering that I didn’t speak highly of myself. Now when people tell her that, the smile on her face is priceless, because she knows that I feel good about myself.

Burn has become my second home. The trainers are awesome. They have pushed me WAY outside of my comfort zone, and it shows in my results. The women that I get to sweat beside have become family, they are my tribe. We hold each other accountable, and push each other to keep going. I love Burn Boot Camp and will always be grateful for the new lease on life that it has given me!


Jemekka Richardson – Burn Boot Camp, Huntersville, NC


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