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3 Reasons to Buy the Jeans that Actually Fit

October 7, 2019

Guess what?! 

I have the secret to feeling more comfortable and confident in your own skin and developing a healthier relationship with your body! I promise you, it’s nothing extreme and is something you are completely capable of doing right now. 

The secret?

“Just buy the jeans that fit–or shirt, or whatever piece of clothing it may be.”

I know it’s so common for us to want to cram ourselves into a certain size of jeans, but I truly believe this is so unhealthy for the relationship we have with our bodies and here are three reasons I think this… 

  1. Buying jeans that are too small is a constant reminder that our body isn’t where we want it to be.  
  2. When we buy a pair of jeans that are too small for us, we are convincing ourselves we need to be a certain size.  
  3. When we buy that pair of jeans that are a size too small, it causes us to feel uncomfortable in our own skin.  

“When you buy the jeans that fit, you’ll feel so much more confident.”

When you buy the jeans that fit, they will hit you at all the right places, be flattering on your body, making you look smaller, regardless of the size on the tag.  You won’t have pants cutting you off or feeling tight in all the wrong places and instead, you will you feel comfortable and confident! More importantly, when you put on a pair of jeans that actually fit your body, you won’t be triggered to think your body needs to change.  

“You are the only one who can see what size of pants you are wearing.”

At the end of the day, who cares about what size you wear? If you buy a size larger than you would like to wear, there isn’t a huge sticker on them showcasing what size they are for the whole world to see. No one will ever know if you are wearing a size eight instead of a size six, or a size twelve instead of a size ten.  The only thing they will notice is that you have a pair of jeans on that fit you right and are flattering on your body! They will notice that you are more confident because you aren’t feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable in a pair of pants you have stuffed yourself into. 

“Why do we think we need to squeeze into a certain size? Where did this number come from?”

 And to be completely honest with you, no one really cares what size you are! You are the only one that really cares. So, do yourself a favor and just buy the size that fits. Stop trying to force yourself to be something you are not and just allow yourself to be exactly who you are.  You can start by just buying the jeans that fit! 

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