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The Negative Effects of Antibiotics and How to Buy the Right Probiotic with Dr. Marvin Singh

September 12, 2019

In this episode, I chat with guest Dr. Marvin Singh, who dives deep into two important health topics we need to know more about: antibiotics and probiotics. Both antibiotics and probiotics have a huge impact on our gut health, which in turn, have a huge impact on our overall health.  

I know many of us have no idea there are negative effects of antibiotics. We feel sick, we go to the doctor, we get prescribed an antibiotic and we take it without thinking twice. While in some situationsantibiotics are needed, they are over-prescribed and causing more harm than good to our gut health.  

To ensure our gut health is optimal, supplementing with probiotics is essential. But, if you’re anything like me, picking out the right probiotic is confusing and overwhelming! Do I want 10 billion or 50 CFUs?What even are CFUs? How many strands of bacteria do I want? Which strands of bacteria do I want? There are so many words on the label that I have never heard of before, let alone pronounce!  

Dr. Marvin Singh helps us understand antibiotics and probiotics in greater depth, allowing us to make the best decisions for our gut health. He dives deep into the effects antibiotics have on our gut health, what we need to do when antibiotics are absolutely necessary to take to protect our gut health, what we need to look for when selecting a probiotic supplement and how to use probiotics effectively.  

What you’ll learn: 

  • -What effect antibiotics are having on our gut health 
  • -What it means to become antibiotic resistance 
  • -How low levels of antibiotics in conventional meat can affect your gut health  
  • -Natural ways to treat common illnesses without antibiotics  
  • -When it is necessary to take antibiotics  
  • -How to protect your gut health when taking antibiotics 
  • -The best probiotics for you  
  • -What to look for when choosing a probiotic  
  • -How to determine which strands of bacteria your gut needs  
  • -What CFUs are and how many billions we should look for in a probiotic 
  • -The importance of researching supplement companies and the reliability of their products prior to purchasing 
  • -The best time of the day to supplement with probiotics  
  • -Why you want to cycle your probiotic supplements  
  • -How to increase the effectiveness of probiotics with prebiotics 
  • -About sinbiotics

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