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Does This Mirror Make Me Look Fat?

September 16, 2019

How many times have you felt cute and confident in an outfit until you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and instantly lose your self-confidence?

And, how many times have you allowed your opinion of your reflection in the mirror to trigger negative internal dialogue like “I’m so fat” or “I can’t believe how ugly I look”? 

Most of us probably cannot even count! It’s crazy how quickly we go from feeling confident to feeling self-conscious with just one glimpse in the mirror. It’s even more crazy how much of our self-worth and self-confidence we place in the reflection we see in the mirror. 

If this sounds like you and you are a victim of the “fat” mirror, this episode is for you! 

In this episode of Coffee & Kettlebells, I chat with you about the negative relationship so many of us have with the mirror, which greatly affects the relationship we have with our bodies. Plus, I talk to you about how we can change our perspective on the reflection we see to successfully develop greater self-love and self-confidence. 

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