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Hangry? How to Control Your Appetite and Cravings with Dr. Brooke and Sarah Fragoso

September 10, 2019

What is causing you to feel so hungry and have crazing food cravings?

Hanger is real! Not only is it real, but it is also your body trying to tell you something is not right! In this episode of Coffee & Kettlebells, we are going to dive into what really is causing you to have an increased appetite and feel crazy hungry all the time. I chat with guests Sarah Fragoso and Dr. Brooke Kalanick, authors of the best-selling book Hangry, who educate us on what is actually happening in our bodies when we feel excessively hungry, or hangry.

Hint: it’s your hormones!

One of my favor parts of the episode is when Dr. Brooke says, “How many times do we reach for the sugary treat instead of a high protein snack when our energy is in the tank? We feel that intense craving and think we’re getting a strong message that the cookie is exactly what our body need. In reality, this is not a cookie deficiency but rather our blood sugar on the fritz, thanks to insulin and cortisol issues.” I think most people think they are craving a cookie because they are craving a cookie, and they don’t realize that craving is actually stemming from hormonal imbalances. 

Dr. Brooke and Sarah explain that our hormones are talking to us all the time and telling us what we need. Instead of hating our hormones, we just need to start listening to what they are really trying to tell us. If we can learn to listen to our hormones, we can learn to balance them, which leads us to successfully taking control of our appetite and foods cravings.  

What else you’ll learn in this episode about controlling your hunger and food cravings:  

  • – Signs and symptoms your hormones are imbalanced 
  • – How cortisol and insulin levels have a ripple affect across the rest of your hormones, causing you to have an increased appetite and food cravings 
  • – Our lifestyle choices that cause our cortisol and insulin levels to become imbalanced 
  • – The effect lack of sleep, chronic stress and over-exercising have on our appetite and food cravings 
  • – What adrenal fatigue is and how it is affecting our hunger  
  • – Why consuming sugar in our diet causes us to feel hungrier and have more cravings
  • – Why you crave certain things–especially those fatty and sugary foods
  • – Whether or not intermittent fasting can help improve your appetite and food cravings 
  • – habits to start controlling your hunger and food cravings right now  

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