December Trainer of the Month: Colton Woyak - Burn Boot Camp
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December Trainer of the Month: Colton Woyak

December 11, 2017


We can’t believe we’re already nearing the end of 2017! This year we’ve recognized a selection of incredible Burn Trainers who go above and beyond to strengthen the minds and bodies of our clients.

To finish out the year, we’re recognizing Colton Woyak, Head Trainer of Burn Boot Camp Middleton, Wisconsin!

Check out what makes Colton such a strong Burn Trainer in his Q&A below!

Burn Trainer

Colton Woyak


Middleton Wisconsin

How long have you been a Burn Trainer?

“1 1/2 years!”

How did you learn about Burn?

“I first learned about Burn when I started applying for jobs where I could make a meaningful impact. Burn without a doubt was the place!”

What’s your go-to workout routine?

“High-intensity interval training is 100% my favorite type of workout! To me, there is no better feeling than reaching that moment when you think to yourself, ‘I just might puke!'”

What’s your favorite workout song?

“Remember The Name – Fort Minor”

What’s your favorite inspirational quote?

“Never Satisfied.”

What’s your favorite healthy meal?

“Ezekiel bread with almond butter and a sliced banana!”

What’s your favorite athletic apparel?


What’s your favorite strength training workout?

“I’m always looking forward to training the posterior side of my body every week! I enjoy doing heavy deadlifts and all types of back exercises.”

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