September Trainer of the Month: Corbin Burkard - Burn Boot Camp
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September Trainer of the Month: Corbin Burkard

September 22, 2017

In cities all across Burn Nation, our Burn Boot Camp trainers work hard every day to better their community and transform lives. We like to take some time each month to recognize our hard working trainers and acknowledge the grind that they put in each and every day!

This month, we’re recognizing Corbin Burkard, Head Trainer of Burn Boot Camp Eau Claire, WI! Let’s take a look at what makes Corbin handle the hustle, inside and outside of camp!

Burn Trainer

Corbin Burkard


Eau Claire, WI

How did you find out about Burn?

I received a call on my resume! I never thought I would get back into training again, and almost didn’t even call back… I could not be more grateful that I did!

Go-to workout routine?

I come from a power lifting background. I LOVE to lift heavy. I typically will superset everything I do, and continue to add weight each set until I am at my max weight!

Favorite burst training workout?

Sprint 100 yards… 15 full burpees. Sprint 100 yards… 14 full burpees. Try to beat my time whenever I do this one!

Favorite strength training workout?

Squats, squats, and more squats! Then some arms mixed in!

Favorite cardio workout?

Anyone who knows me, knows cardio isn’t my game..! But there’s only one way to get better. My true favorite is simply lifting weights faster – otherwise a trail run on a beautiful, fall Wisconsin day!

Go-to pre workout snack?

Banana and my favorite, Ignite!

Go-to post workout snack?

Afterburn, a couple eggs, and a chicken breast! Pro tip: to help satisfy your sweet tooth: add half chocolate almond milk/half water/ and chocolate afterburn!

Favorite healthy meal?

I’m simple… either salmon and quinoa, or else chicken and broccoli!

Favorite healthy restaurant in your area?

The Nucleus!

Workout equipment you couldn’t live without?


Favorite athletic apparel?

My Adidas powerlifting shoes… Also any old high school football t shirt with the sleeves cut off.

Favorite workout song?

Rise – I Prevail

Favorite inspirational quote?

“If you wanna be a beast, you gotta love the hunt.” – ET

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