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Discover How Two Retired Athletes Became Successful Business Owners At Age 26

January 13, 2021

MonTayla and Deangelo Yancey are two of our newest Franchise Partners who have just opened the Hiram, GA location west of Metro-Atlanta. Their story is one that ignites a fire deep within to set some big goals and smash them!

They are both retired B1G Ten collegiate athletes. MonTayla ran Track at the University of Iowa ending her career as a B1G Ten champion and D1 National All-American, while Deangelo played football at Purdue University and went on to becoming a 5th round draft pick by Green Bay Packers. Both of their athletic careers ended early due to injury, but their passion for fitness and helping others always remained strong in their hearts. 


Montayla yancey

MonTayla was hired as the Head Trainer of Burn Boot Camp Smyrna in 2018. Prior to the interview, she had never even heard of Burn, but during the first conversation the Franchise Partner, Allison Schleuger, spoke so highly of the gym that changed her life, that she had to see what all the fuss was about. “Not only did Burn deliver hands down one of the most intense yet rewarding workouts I’d ever been put through, but it aligned with the ONE rule I had when searching for a new place to be a trainer: the company’s mission had to align with my own which was putting PEOPLE FIRST” MonTayla said. “after leaving a company where this wasn’t the case, THAT was my non-negotiable!!! and man did Burn deliver.”

Deangelo was still playing professionally at the time and couldn’t believe how much MonTayla was raving about this company and how good the workouts were. He thought he had tried it all. He took his first camp and BOOM, he was now regularly using Burn Boot Camp workouts in his off season to stay in shape! He fell just as hard as she did, taking camp as much as he could, while still working with his personal trainer on position work – they were the perfect compliment to each other.

About a year later, The Yanceys found themselves figuring out a future plan for when Deangelo retired. Their good friends, now owners of three Burn Boot Camp locations, showed them the ropes and how this business truly changed their lives from the inside out. After many more conversations and camps, MonTayla and Deangelo were feeling confident enough to take the leap!

Their shared passion for sports fueled their life’s mission of making health and wellness accessible. They naturally love being a part of a team. They’re goal setters who believe success is achieved when they watch lives change and transform for the better. Their “why” is elevating people’s lives from mediocrity to greatness.

“Burn Boot Camp has given us the opportunity to fulfill our ‘why’, and become our own bosses and business owners at the age of 26. We didn’t have all the answers, but we didn’t need them, and that’s why we love this company.”  

Our goal is simple, transform as many lives as we can. We are on a mission! 

Did their story resonate with you? Become one of our 400+ franchise partners and create a lasting impact on your community! To learn more, visit us at

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