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Don’t Settle For Sitting

July 27, 2016

Sitting All Day Might Be Taking A Toll On You

Many clients work office jobs from 9-5, where instead of having the opportunity to move around, they spend most of their time stagnant at a desk. We’ve all heard doctors, magazines, and fitness experts lecture on how it can negatively affect our health.

Bad posture, weight gain and lack of muscle movement are all issues that can be seen in those who spend the majority of their day sitting! Luckily, Fitness Expert and Head Trainer at Burn Boot Camp La Crosse, Jeff Winkers, gives us 5 ways to stop sitting at work.

On The Move

Even though some jobs might prevent you from having the time or space to move around, Jeff talks about how we can get moving in our own space like marching our feet in our chair. He teaches us that there are plenty of ways to become more active!

Don’t just kill it in the gym, incorporate activity into everything you do! #beastmode

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