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Don’t Slip Up During The Holiday Season With These Tips

December 20, 2016

Stay Focused

We’re wrapping up Nutrition November and heading full force into the holiday season. It’s important that you remember all of the lessons taught throughout the month so you can continue to improve every day.

Ryne Robinson, Head Trainer and Transformation Expert at Burn Boot Camp Fort Mill, gives us his top tips for keeping our nutrition on track. Grab a pen and a sheet of paper, and let’s get started!

Top Tips For Success

Goal Setting

First, you want to set goals. Turn your focus away from losing 75 lb. as soon as possible, and instead, focus on making it to the gym and improving your nutrition.

Dial in on your nutrition when you create your goals. Reaching your protein goal for 5 days straight or drinking a gallon of water a day are equally as important to lose weight.

Calorie Counting

Food is fuel, which means your nutrition and diet are key to weight loss. Make sure you log your foods to hold yourself accountable.

Additionally, meal prepping 5-6 meals a day to eat every three hours will help you manage your appetite. By eating so often, you’ll be less likely to binge on junk foods later.

Eating your meals as scheduled will help you control your appetite and cravings. Ryne’s favorite rule is “everything in moderation.” This goes back to setting realistic goals!

Make A Calendar

Write down your tasks that you can do every day or every week. Scheduling your daily camp and making it every time will help you feel productive and hold yourself accountable.

It only takes 21 days to build a habit. By completing your task list every day and every week, you’re building healthy habits and replacing bad habits.

Mindset Is Everything

All month long we’ve been giving you tips on how you can be a healthier version of yourself. From meal prepping to recipes, we have you covered.

Now, you have to do your part! Hold yourself accountable by keeping a positive mindset. Fitness isn’t a destination, it’s a journey – more importantly, it’s your journey.

If you need some assistance in staying focused, schedule a focus meeting! Your trainer wants to guide you throughout your fitness journey, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

We know the holidays can be hectic, but that’s no excuse to let your hard work go to waste. Start improving now!

Your Trainer Is Human

No goal is unreachable, especially with help. While living like your trainer can seem tough, they’re just as human as you.

Your Burn Boot Camp trainers are your Transformation Experts. They want to see you succeed and dominate your goals inside and outside of camp. We get better every day together.

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