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Easter Sunday Challenge!

April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! I love this time of the year because families meet, kids do easter egg hunts,  spring is in full effect and I get the chance to give my boot camp moms the “Bunny Hop” workout! I know, I know…it is a little ridiculous and frankly the picture of the Easter Bunny portrayed here is a little creepy. He seems to be freakishly strong and holding a 285 pound barbell over his head while standing on one foot and smiling! I thought I was strong but I am getting embarrassed by a fictional pink character!

I know you are getting excited about Easter Sunday Brunch and I am too! I always look to holiday’s to  find lessons and opportunities and to challenge you in different situations to help you reach your goals. With that being said,  I would like to present you with the “Easter Sunday Challenge”!

I wanted to bring to your attention that is a great opportunity for you to utilize your will power and practice saying “no”. Yes, I understand that it is Easter and you are supposed to eat and traditionally “pig out”. I know that 98% of American’s who celebrate Easter will stuff their face with Peep after Peep until they turn into the sugary filled marshmallow bunny! So my challenge for you is not only to become the 2% of Americans who have enough will power to say no, but to begin a lifestyle change.

Use Easter as a beginning to a whole new outlook on nutrition. Especially if you are working out as hard as my bootcamp moms do on a daily basis you do not want to forfeit a workout just because it is Easter. Trust when I say that I am not trying to come off as the “Grinch who stole Easter” but I am simply challenging you to slowly begin to change your habits. So when you kids ask you if you want a chocolate Reese’s cup, just tell them you hung out with the Easter Bunny last night and you are still full from the candy eating contest you had with him!

So here is the challenge….

Part 1

*****Minimize yourself to 2 pieces of candy and eat a well-balanced brunch at whatever restaurant you go to****

Part 2

When you have completed the challenge (before, during or after) comment on this wall and share with everyone else your will power and how your day went!

Overtime I have found that if you share things you are going to do or struggle to do that other people rely on you and you create accountability for yourself!

I look forward to reading your comments and a post about your Easter Sunday!


Leave your comments below!

PS – If you are feeling good about your candy decisions, try the “Bunny Hop” workout its a real killer!


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