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Eat Smart At Your Holiday Party

December 27, 2016

Think Smart

The holiday season is full of parties and delicious foods. It can be hard to dial in on your willpower when you’re constantly surrounded by temptations.

Shaun Nibert, the Head Trainer at Burn Boot Camp Greenville, is giving us his top tips on how to take on the holiday party. By learning how to navigate your holiday party the right way, you’ll have fun and stay on track.

What Not to Eat

Before you head to the dessert platter or the bar, make sure you know what to avoid. The first item on our list to avoid is eggnog. Eggnog is full of sugars and heavy cream that will ruin progress fast.

Casseroles are known for being full of artificial ingredients, like cream and sugar. Try to avoid these to the best of your ability. Even if they do have vegetables in the name like “broccoli casserole” – steer clear.

Additionally, turkey skin is another slow killer. Turkey skin contains high amounts of sodium and unnecessary seasonings that will cause bloating and dehydration.

Finally, avoid all breads and simple carbs. This means no stuffing, no cakes and no cookies.

What to Eat

If you’re actually hungry, you’ll want to treat these foods as fuel. Flocking to the vegetable and fruit trays will fill you with fiber and keep you full longer.

Try to find lean meats for your protein source. Chicken breasts, skinless turkey and certain hams can be a great way to fill up without going overboard.

Prepare For The Holidays

Don’t just dive mindlessly into the holiday party scene, prepare before you go. To prevent cravings and the urge to eat everything in sight, eat a meal of whole foods.

If you aren’t super hungry, eat an apple as a snack. The apple will help curb your appetite by absorbing natural, complex carbs.

Another rule to adhere to is the three-bite rule. If you’re eyeing something, take three-bites and move on. This will help you get your fix in without overindulging.

What about alcohol? It’s best to avoid alcohol, but if you’re going to have a drink or two, drink clear drinks. Vodka and soda is a great, low calorie option, along with some wine and spritzer.

Make sure that whatever you end up eating, you make it to camp the next day. Shaun recommends going the extra limit by getting there early to warm up to hold yourself accountable.

At Burn Boot Camp there is no day one. Don’t make excuses for yourself during the holiday. Maintain your lifestyle all year-long with this guide on how to eat smart at your holiday party!

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