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Endless 15 Minute Burst Training Workouts

October 16, 2015

I don’t want to tell you what you already know but mommies are busy! Between getting the kids out of bed, packing their lunch, and making breakfast half your day’s energy is already gone. Not to mention that the other 55  tasks on the to-do list that day are slowing turning into a traffic jam as the morning minutes slip past. I know you want to make time but how can you when you look down at the clock and the kids will get off the bus in 20 minutes? I will tell you how, a 15 minute “Burst Training” session that is guaranteed to get you sweating like crazy!

Check out the routine and 15 exercises you can plug into it!

Burst Style Training Protocol

  • 20 seconds of the exercise
  • 20 seconds of rest and repeat
  • Repeat 20/20 with some, one, or all of the 15 exercises for 15 minutest

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