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Extreme Makeover Burn Boot Camp Edition – Update at 5 Months

January 30, 2013

The last five months have been nothing less than stellar for Burn Bootcamp Extreme Makeover’s Brand Parker and Michelle Sellers. If you have been following the Fit Moms Forever blog then you know about these two amazing ladies. You haven’t been updated on their progress since December, right before the Holidays hit! So before I fill you in…let me briefly catch those of you who are new to the F.M.F. blog up!

In August of 2012 I approached Brandi and Michelle with a chance for them to change their lives forever. Since then there has been a series of stories on their progress. From Michelle’s amazing resilience to Brandi winning $1,000 and qualifying for a National Weight Loss Contest, you can catch yourself through the links below! If you up-to-date do not bother with the links!

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It Has Officially Been 5 Months – This is How They are Feeling

Today, I can tell you that both ladies feel amazing. I had a chance to grab them after bootcamp and ask them a couple of questions!

Devan (me): “What was it like staying clean through the Holiday’s?”

 Michelle:  “I would be lying if I said it was easy, but it was easier than in the past.  Granted, I was really sick and had no appetite for a lot of it, but once I started feeling better I still didn’t have the cravings I thought I would.  I did avoid a lot of the temptation by not going to all of the cookie exchanges I was invited to.  I did break down and make Christmas cookies with the kids and decided to have 2 afterwards… you know, to check the quality :)… but it left me feeling icky and sick to my stomach.  So i didn’t have the urge after that.”
Brandi: “Eating healthy and clean during the holidays was not actually as hard as I anticipated.  Having the Shaklee shakes and meal bars helped tremendously.  The biggest surprise to me was that I didn’t want any dessert.  I made desserts for both holidays (some of my old favorites!!) and had absolutely no desire to eat any of them.  I used Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve as my cheat days (my first cheat days since starting this journey), and I ate what I wanted.  But, I found I didn’t over-eat like I used to do.  And, I made myself get on the treadmill and run the day after I cheated.”
Devan (me): “How much weight have you lost this far and how do you feel about it?”
Michelle: “By my scale… 41 pounds.  I know it is a big number, but I have so much more to go and I want to see greater progress! I have hit somewhat of a plateau and am hoping I can keep my spirits up and get past it so that I can start seeing those numbers go down fast likethe beginning!  However, my body fat percentage is still dropping at a nicer rate.  I am down 10% since we started so I am proud of that!
Brandi: “As of this morning (1/29/2013), I have lost a total of 97.1 lbs, and I feel FABULOUS!!  I honestly cannot believe the weight has come off this quickly.  I catch myself taking double-takes in the mirror when I pass. I get on the scales two or three times because I can’t believe it says what it says.  I never feel deprived; I just don’t want to eat the junk I used to eat.  I now give a lot more thought to what I am eating and how it will affect me.”
Thank you ladies for sharing with the Fit Moms Forever community! We will be looking forward to Michelle’s 50 LB mark and Brandi’s 100 LB milestone! It is always hard to be fully satisfied of yourself when you have to look at yourself in the mirror every single day. Brandi and Michelle are definitely champions and winners are NEVER satisfied!

From My Point of View…

There is only one word that comes to mind; Incredible. The dedication, commitment, hard work, flawless attitude, and amazing progress is nothing short of amazing! I am so darn proud to be able to work with these two ladies on such a personal level. They teach me something every single day. When I do not feel like going to the gym on a particular day I think of the dedication of Brandi, Michelle, and all of our Burn Boot Camp and MamaBurst family. I am going to continue to push them and we will continue to crush any limiting self-beliefs they have in the process!

They have both sets goals for the half way point coming up in March. I would like to see Michelle hit 50 lbs and Brandi hit 112 lbs! With our encouragement, support and motivation they will undoubtedly succeed!

I know they are in it to win it…and I will be at the finish line as their biggest fan cheering them on!

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