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Extreme Makeover – Bumps, Bruises, and Burn Boot Camp

September 10, 2012

After two weeks, 14 workouts, a whole lot of sweat, and a little bit of tears Michelle and Brandi are on the fast track to success. I have been utterly BLOWN AWAY by the commitment of these two gals. We literally are pushing strollers and dragging wagons full of their children around the town of Huntersville making sure that not one second of our time is wasted. It has been a very intense two weeks of boot camp and also extremely productive.

From 5:30 am workouts to doing 100 yard sprints in the pouring rain, Brandi and Michelle are absolutely pushing themselves to their limits and beyond. Last week as I finished up with my 5:45 pm Burn Boot Camp I see Brandi and Michelle drive into the parking lot at the same time black clouds begin to roll in. Pouring rain is an understatement. It was like a monsoon of hail size rain drops that literally soaked through our shoes into our socks. As Michelle and Brandi finished up with their 100 yard sprints I could hear the water being squished between their toes from 45 minutes of pure saturation. Talk about dedication? I knew they have what it takes, last week they both began to realize that themselves. This picture is right after our “Rain Run”….look how SOAKED we are! 🙂

I explained to them that at the beginning that there will be some bumps and bruises that we face along the way. I addressed it on day one and they acknowledged it. Into week two Michelle’s calf muscles have been extremely sore and Brandi has been faced with a nagging knee injury. An injury may slow down the pace they can move their body, but will certainly not slow down the mindset of these two. I just tell them to “Keep Moving” and keep moving they do. Both knew that things were going to be difficult as they are challenging their body to do something it has never done before, but just how difficult it would be to overcome an injury is a question still in their minds.

Being a professional athlete I know the difference between being hurt and being injured. This week will be a test on the girls. This is one of many unprecedented challenges that they will face throughout this journey. Being overweight and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is a challenging enough. Doing it with only one good leg will be a challenge that will solidify the rest of their transformation.

We have a weight in at the end of this week and I am VERY excited to see how much weight both Michelle and Brandi have lost. I know that both ladies are changing and I hear them being complemented every single day from their support system at boot camp and at home. I cannot tell you how proud I am of these two for doing what they are doing. Standing in the pouring rain, staring down the impossible and saying “bring it on”! Stay tuned for a weigh in announcement at the end of the week!

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