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Extreme Weight Loss Burn Boot Camp Style – Brandi and Michelle’s Final Phase

June 13, 2013

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The Final Phase…

This is the final stretch. Brandi and Michelle are nearing the end of their 12 month Body Transformation challenge. Brandi set out to lose 200 lbs and Michelle 100 lbs. The ladies are in the the most imporant, and hands down the most difficult phase of their transformation, the final phase. Brandi and Michelle have had two very successful and rather  different transformation stories thus far. Both ladies understand that the more weight you lose the harder it becomes to use it! I am extremely proud  of them and now they are presented with a new challenge…a  90 day stretch to finish stronger than they started!

I got a chance to sit down with each gal and interview them about their last 9 months. Brandi and Michelle have both accomplished so much on their journey. I am a very proud trainer on this day and to be writing this blog post with with all postive updates makes me one happy trainer!

Michelle’s Transformation…

She as lost 40 lbs in 9 months. Relative to other transformation stories that is just good and not great, agreed?  That maybe be, but only if Michelle were  in this alone.  Michelle and husband J Sellers have lost a combine 100 lbs. over the last 9 months which is a huge success! Michelle was on a fast track to hitting the goal her goal of 100 lbs. in one year  when she was forced to be sidelined when she suffered a pelvic displacement injury. Michelle’s hips and pelvis would grind together when she would make certain movements. It gives me chills to think about how bad that would hurt! She continued to push through it day after day, through sweat and tears, but finally we were forced to shut her down. Michelle’s physical therapist, chiropractor, and I came together and decided it was time to get her healthy and put her intense transformation on hold!

Michelle has been rehabing for the last 8 weeks and will continue for 2-4 more weeks! That is more time down than most knee surgeries so you know how bad the situation was! She is very discouraged that she cannot maintain the workout regiments but she has been steady on her Shaklee Turnaround Kit to still lose weight! I keep telling Michelle that the hard part is over! You already committed yourself, you and J have lost 100 lbs. together in the last 9 months while juggling 3 little ones! This isn’t just about weight, this is about a lifestyle Michelle and J have committed to together. Not only did I want them to reach their weight loss goal, but  I also wanted them to TRULY change their life to be around for their children and grandchildren.

Michelle and J and achieved great things and they will continue to dedicate themselves to a health lifestyle. We have 90 days left and Michelle plans on coming back stronger than ever! I know we WILL finish stronger then we started!

Brandi’s Transformation…

Brandi and I set out for a complete body transformation and it has been nothing short of that! In the last 9 months, Brandi has lost a total of  145 lbs. which equals 40% of her original body weight of 376 lbs.! Ever seen Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition? Well, this this story is worthy of TV and that’s why we call it Extreme Weight Lost – BURN BOOTCAMP EDITION! I am so proud of all of the things Brandi has accomplished:

  • 145 lbs. Lost in 9 Months…40% of Original Body Weight
  • Shaklee Regional Transformation Contest Winner …$1,000 in sweet cash!
  • Qualifying for the National Shaklee Contest in Nashville
  • Competing in her very first 5k run…without stopping
  • Logged EVERY meal for 9 months straight…seriously!
  • Exercising 7x per week BBC style for 9 months straight…missed only one day for car troubles 🙂


Brandi isn’t done yet, when I asked her what she plans on doing over the next 90 days, she said “I ultimately want to see myself under 200 lbs. when this journey is over.” I have 100% faith that her goal is attainable, but not without hard work. Brandi has found a passion for running and we are going to train hard over the next 90 days to make her the best athlete possible while dropping the remaining 55 LBS!
Brandi is “contemplating” training for a half marathon, so she thinks! Her best friend Kathy and I will make Brandi want it as bad as we do. The biggest change that I have seen out of Brandi (besides that AMAZING before picture) is just the level of confidence that she has. Her transformation in her outlook on life has been what is truly inspiring. Brandi will live this lifestyle (maybe not logging her meals everyday) for the rest of her life and she believes it. Brandi definitely has the confidence to get out there in the next 90 days and train for that 1/2 marathon!
Final Thoughts…
Nine months ago I had a vision for Brandi and Michelle that both ladies never though possible. Brandi still tells me, “It is still hard to believe this is my new body!” And even though Michelle is frustrated, rightfully so, she has accomplished so much in terms of changing her lifestyle and will continue to evolve into her new body! I am so darn proud of these two courageous women who took on the “impossible” and tackeled it to the ground. While I am extremely happy with the progress thus far, all 4 of us (Brandi, Michelle, J, and I) are FAR from satisfied. The next 90 days will give them an opportunity to turn great into sensational! With the continued support from our Fit Moms Community they WILL reach exceed the standard of a body transformation!

If this story inspires you please share it with someone  who you think it will inspire! Send them this link and let them know that anything is possible when you have a strong support group! 

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