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5 Disturbing Facts About Soda and How To Kick The Habit

September 25, 2014

Drinking soda has become a huge part of modern day society. Coca-Cola’s 74 billion dollar net worth makes it the 84th largest economy in the world, just ahead of Costa Rica. Coca-Cola is distributed to over 200 countries and worth more than Pepsi, Red Bull, and Starbucks combined.

Soda consumption is the driver’s seat on the fast track to 65% of the world becoming obese. The whole industry (including the F.D.A.) are dropping the ball big time on this one. There are some seriously disturbing facts about soda that puts the health of society at a major RED ALERT!

There is NO WAY I would ever put soda in my body, and would never recommend to anyone else. After reading these five bone-chilling facts you will know why to cut it out and some easy steps to make it happen!

1. The Quickest Way to Rotten Teeth

Coca-Cola is the most well-known of all of the tooth decaying carbonated liquids. In fact, if you were to place a tooth in a can of Coca-Cola the intense liquid would fully dissolve into nothingness. This is pretty scary considering the average American drinks 1-3 cans per day. The picture above shows a tooth fully submerged in Coke and how the carbonation will slowly errode the tooth and all it’s components in hours.

2. Diet Soda Belly is Real

It’s no secret that consuming all the sugar in soda would cause weight gain, but what’s more surprising is diet soda can be just as dangerous. From an author at Rodale News,

“Researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center monitored 475 adults for 10 years, and found that those who drank diet soda had a 70 percent increase in waist circumference over the 10-year study, compared with those who didn’t drink any soda.”

That is a 500% waist expansion! Another study showed that mice reacted negatively to the aspartame (artificial sweetener) by elevating their blood glucose levels thus causing weight gain. When your liver has an excess of glucose to process it will convert the overload into body fat.

Whichever way cola companies want to position their product doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that soda is the driving force in the obesity issue and has to be controlled. Diet Soda Belly is a real thing so avoid being a victim and cut soda out!

Source: Rodale News

 3. 0 Calories, 92 Side Effects

Aspartame and Sucralose are two chemicals found in the majority of carbonated soft-drinks. Companies replace sugar with these chemicals because they are cheaper to manufacture thus increasing profit margins. The sugar replacement is thought to have upwards of 92 different side effects, the most relevant to this post being weight gain.

When digested by our body, aspartame eventually changes to methanol which converts into formaldehyde and formic acid. I should note that BOTH of these chemicals are known carcinogens (cancer causing agents). This process along with the overload of caffeine takes a huge toll on your hormonal levels, especially adrenal glands. When your adrenals are repeatedly stimulated your cortisol (aka stress-hormone) will rise therefore causing weight gain.

So NICE TRY soda companies…we have got you all figured out! There is no such thing as a can of soda that doesn’t make us fat. You can’t fool us with your slick marketing efforts anymore. The Food Babe and she is coming for you!

4. Cleans Engines, Tile Grout, Even Your Toilet!

This one is just plain disturbing. You can use carbonated beverages (notably Coke and Diet Coke) to clean car engines, tile grout, and toilet bowls with ease! Who needs bleach when you can use a can of soda?

Can you believe that the average American drinks 44 gallons per year? Soda can erode burnt on motor oil in minutes and can restore tile grout as if it was brand new, imagine what 44 gallons of soda can do to the human body!

Have toilet that needs cleaning? Pour a can of Coke or Pepsi into your toilet bowl and let it sit overnight. Take a toilet brush to the bowl for about 5 minutes and then flush. Watch all of the Coke, grime, and whatever else was in there vanish.

This is INSANELY effective and would be the only reason I ever used Coke!

5. The F.D.A. Allows Caramel Color Carcinogens

This study done in 2011 is going to blow your mind!

The non-profit Center for Science in the Public Interest petitioned the F.D.A to ban the caramel color that makes Pepsi and Coke the light brown color. But as always, they showed no concern.

A reporter from Rodale News writes,

“The reason for the petition: Two contaminants in the coloring, 2-methylimidazole and 4-methylimidazole, have been found to cause cancer in animals, a threat the group says is unnecessary, considering that the coloring is purely cosmetic. According to California’s strict Proposition 65 list of chemicals known to cause cancer, just 16 micrograms per person per day of 4-methylimidazole is enough to pose a cancer threat, and most popular brown colas, both diet and regular, contain 200 micrograms per 20-ounce bottle.”

This means that the average person is consuming enough caramel coloring before lunch time to feed cancer cells. By no means am I suggesting that everyone who consumes soda will get cancer. I am simply urging you to do the things you can control. Cancer is real and you lower your chances by eliminating the known carcinogens that riddle the Coca-Cola ingredient label.

Source: Rodale News

4 Steps to Kicking Your Soda Habit

If you suffer from the addiction of soda and want to kick the habit, here are four easy steps for you. The steps themselves are easy but the execution of these steps can get tricky, but you CAN do it! I have helped countless people kick their soda habit, and I can help you too!

Determine your why. There can be several reasons, and any one of them can make living a soda-free life an attractive option. But understanding why you want to quit soda is important. (Just read this blog post one more time)

Stock up on substitutes.  Water is the best option. But carbonation is often what soda quitters miss and going to plain water cold turkey may set you up for failure. Ease your way out of drinking soda by having green tea, carbonated water, and juices on hand.

Develop a quitting schedule. Whatever the amount of soda you drink per week, cut that amount by 25% for one week, then by 50% the next, and so on until you don’t crave it anymore!

Prepare for caffeine withdrawal. Do not underestimate the addictive power of caffeine. You WILL have a headache but it is temporary.

If you need help kicking your soda habit, email me at [email protected]!

Source: https://www.wikihow.com/Quit-Soda-Pop


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