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Female Franchise Partners Speaking Out about Mental Health

November 2, 2021

October has quickly come and gone, and we loved the energy and support we felt as you celebrated National Women in Small Business month with us. Another huge round of applause for our powerhouse female entrepreneurs. 

As Burn Nation rounds out an incredible year, we wanted to share with you the first of many round-ups of the Coffee and Kettlebell episodes from this year that feature some of our leading female Franchise Partners.

Mental health matters, now more than ever before. The interviews below are a vulnerable look inside what it’s really like to run a business during an unprecedented time, leading a family during times of uncertainty, and flexing your adaptability muscles all while remaining mentally strong and working towards the best version of yourself so you can show up for others.

Simply stated, these female Franchise Partners are leaders by example who don’t shy away from being transparent, honest and vulnerable. They let their human show and truly connect with their communities and members. Their motivation to help themselves in order to help others, and to inspire, empower and truly transform their communities is why Burn Nation is what it is today.

Hear from these amazing women as they share their brave and vulnerable stories in the Coffee & Kettlebells episodes below, and stay tuned for more great conversations to come!

Franchise Partner Features:

Getting Your Groove Back in Your Late 30’s, Leaving the Rut Behind, and Creating a Future That Otherwise Wouldn’t Exist With Zulie Humphrey

Zulie Humphrey is a Burn Boot Camp multi-unit Franchise Partner of the Centennial and Summerlin North, NV locations which are still in the beginning phases! Zulie has an amazing story that will inspire many. She left her home country to be with the man she loves, who didn’t speak a lick of Spanish when she didn’t speak a lick of English. NOW they are the parents to three amazing kids and she found her groove in her late 30’s because of Burn Boot Camp.

Morgan and Zulie discuss taking leaps of faith, what’s on the other side of your comfort zone, and the systems that you need to have in place in order to take care of your mental health. The journey for Zulie to become a business owner was not a linear path; and she shares her trials and tribulations with communication barriers, opening a gym, what motivates her, and what she is looking forward to most with the Grand Opening of her two new locations!

The Journey to the Healthiest Place on Earth With Stephanie Meads

Stephanie is a Franchise Partner of our Celebration, FL location who just celebrated their one-year anniversary, and is a mom of two to a boy and a girl (8 and 6). She joins the Burn family with a background in working for cruise lines and Disney in the entertainment industry. Stephanie is an “all-in” individual and jumps headfirst into whatever opportunity presents itself. When her husband’s job relocated their family from Orlando to Pensacola, she quickly had to pivot and find a new career path because there was not an entertainment industry in the area. She began in Real Estate before finding Burn Boot Camp and it was an easy decision for her and her husband to invest.

Morgan and Stephanie’s conversation about what skill sets they’ve learned in their careers before Burn that set them up for success to become a business owner; including risk-taking, communication skills, and customer service. They talk about the importance of positivity, getting to know your members on a personal level, and leading with kindness and intentionality!

Stephanie also has a history of eating disorder(s) which was induced by her decade spent working for the entertainment industry. She opens up about her rock bottom, the importance of education in her recovery, and what it means to her to spread the good word to her clients in the fitness industry.

Managing Expectations, Letting Go of Perfect and Giving Yourself Grace With Multi-Unit Franchise Partner and Mom of Three Tina Hegna

Morgan sits down with Tina Hegna, our Maple Grove, Minnesota Franchise Partner. She is a master juggler! The Hegnas make up a family of 5: Tina and her husband, Harlan, are high school sweethearts with three boys: twins Hudson & Harrison (6) and Calvin (2), works full-time in the finance industry, and just signed for her second location with Burn Boot Camp. She is a jack of all trades who is always in the work of figuring things out, and being okay with things not being perfect.

Their conversation dives into the details of owning a business during a pandemic and coming out on the other side with enough confidence to sign for location #2! Morgan and Tina talk about the idea of perfectionism; and that even when you have a plan laid out you have to also plan for when it will inevitably change. They also share what it’s like to be true teammates with your significant other on both the professional side of things while running a Burn, and the personal side leading a family of five!


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