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Fitness Entrepreneurship Is Rewarding

February 10, 2022

In a world where traditional forms of employment are quickly becoming a thing of the past, workers who crave a work/life balance, ownership, being their own boss, and unlimited income potential are turning to entrepreneurship. Fitness entrepreneurship stands out as a path to meaningful work where Franchise Partners can truly be proud of helping clients to live healthier and more fulfilled lives. 

Meet: The Wynns. They’re a dynamic couple who are not only parents, Franchise Partners, and certified ministers, but one of them is also a retired athlete. Let’s get to know Renaldo and LaTanya’s journey from membership to ownership a little bit better!

What does a day in the life of a Franchise Partner look like?

“It’s nonstop! Days can run together. But I love it, my wife loves it. What drives us is seeing the people’s lives that are being impacted by what we are putting the work into. We make a difference in our community. When we opened the gym, this community welcomed us with open arms and it’s been an easy road to connect and engage. Sure, mornings start at 3:45 am and it’s not easy, but you know you’re not by yourself. Before Burn, I was working my dream job with Joe Gibbs Racing and it moved us from Vegas across the country to Charlotte, NC. We were so happy to have that experience because we just love this city and the state of North Carolina. I quit my dream job to open Burn Henderson West” Renaldo Wynn

How did you discover Burn Boot Camp?

“I had been a member of Burn Concord for a while at the point he finally joined me. I kept telling him to join me on a Saturday morning and he insisted it was a ‘ladies thing’ and he would lift weights on his own. But one morning he joined me…and well, I’ll let him tell the end of that story…” LaTanya Wynn

“I didn’t know what to expect. Of course, my wife had her friends at the gym and that just made me so happy. Seeing the effect the community had on her was enough. I didn’t realize they kicked your a** too! Man, that fateful Saturday camp. We were doing a bear crawl finisher and I felt like I was on The Biggest Loser. I was near death, but I was hooked.” Renaldo Wynn

“As a retired athlete, I thought I had seen it all when it came to workouts, but Burn proved me wrong in a good way.” 

What made you take the leap from membership to ownership?

“We’ve been married for 26 years. I was with him when he played football. I raised the family and kept the engine running. It was finally time for me to do something for myself. We moved to Charlotte and I started working out at Burn Concord. I’ve met friends I will have for life there. I felt like I wanted to spread my wings and do something that was a dream for me. It was my time to shine. I was ready to take it one step further than being a member. My husband came right in and supported me just like I had supported him and our family all those years.” LaTanya 

What makes being Franchise Partners within Burn a dream job?

“Going deeper than surface level with people. We make such a difference in people’s lives. The transformation wall happens through the connection we have with those members. It’s a two-way street, the members trust you to train them and know you believe in them, and they know we sincerely want them to crush their goals. When they land on the transformation wall, it’s a celebration for our entire gym and community.” Renaldo Wynn

“What people don’t know about us is that we are licensed ministers. Everyone coming into (the gym)  is dealing with their own battle, their own struggle. Where my passion comes in, is being able to listen to others, and to support them. Women go through things. We need each other. I felt alone at times in my life and I never wanted that for any of these women. The comradery at Burn has changed my life. Some of the women I’ve met at Burn will be lifelong friends, sisters even. It’s a bond that will never change or break. What I experienced at Burn Concord, that’s what I wanted to bring to Burn Henderson West”LaTanya Wynn

The comradery at Burn has changed my life. Some of the women I’ve met at Burn will be lifelong friends – sisters even.”

What did you want to bring to your community through opening a Burn?

“Giving women a safe place to come to, and to give them a second family. To bring their kids, their husband. I wanted to let them know that we love them and they love us” –LaTanya Wynn



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