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Flu, Who?

February 8, 2017

It’s that time of year where it literally feels like everyone and their brother is coming down with the flu or a severe cold. It has traveled around my community at least twice within the last month, and now it seems like round three is hitting us full swing. We want to help all of you avoid getting hit with that nasty flu this season, and learn how to go through your day to day life with tips and tricks that aid in your avoidance of sickness!

No Stress

Take care of your immune system! Whether you’re exercising and sweating out nasty toxins or simply relaxing in a nice bubble bath, you’re listening to what your body needs. Stress drives your immune system down, so don’t let it take hold of your life! Relax and unwind through activities that fuel your heart and mindset.

Wash Your Hands

This tip hopefully seems obvious to most people. The amount of germs that spread throughout communities is astronomical. Throughout the day it’s human instinct to reach up and touch your face, nose or mouth – now imagine all the germs you’d be in contact with if you did that, but didn’t wash your hands? Yep… it’s not a pleasant speculation.


Who doesn’t love sleep? I know that when I lay my head down on the pillow at night, I literally smile to myself because I am so content and excited to get some much needed rest! While you’re sleeping, your body produces infection fighting antibodies and cells that ward off viruses, so the more sleep the better!

Eat Clean

It takes more than just one apple a day to keep the doctor away. Boost your immune system with a healthy diet! Foods such as garlic, broccoli, greek yogurt, sweet potatoes and green tea will help fight off the unhealthy bacteria that sneak into your immune system.

Clean Your Workspace

Germs travel all across your job with every conference call, chit-chat and team meeting. Make sure you’re keeping your workspace clean with simple habits like keeping a container of anti-bacterial wipes on hand. After you arrive and before you leave work, wipe down your keyboard, phone, chair and pens.

Avoid Sickness Prone Areas

There are many areas we regularly visit that are flooded with sickness. Malls, supermarkets, schools and movie theaters are just a few examples. Obviously it’s impossible to completely dodge these spots, but if you know the flu is running rampant, be sure to sanitize and get in and out as quickly as you can!

Drink Fluids

Lucky for you, we have already stocked our blog with healthy drink recipes such as our ‘Ultimate Beauty Elixir’ and our ’14 Day Detox Drink’, but if you don’t have time to whip those up, even just drinking plenty of water is super helpful…sickness or not.

Keep Your Hands To Yourself

When you’re out and about, remember to avoid excessively touching objects that are used frequently – handrails, doors, faucet handles, tables, menus, counters, all of these things are loaded with germs. If it’s necessary that you touch them, use your elbow to push things open or closed, or even pull your sleeve over your hand before you grab it.

Clean Your Daily Resources

Even when you aren’t out and about, your home can still be crawling with germs and infection. Make sure you are cleaning your daily resources incase you are carrying sickness home with you – your cell phone, your keys, your purse handles and your car door all host a family of bugs and viruses.

Don’t Push It

Let’s say you practice all of our tips and unfortunately still get bogged down with a cold or the flu… don’t push yourself! Listen to what your body is telling you. If you feel sick, the only way you can recover is by resting! Keep those germs at home and let your immune system heal.


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