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Fresh Fit

Fresh Fit

February 24, 2017

Warm weather is right around the corner and we’re here to help you stock your wardrobe with some sweet spring essentials!

This year we’re celebrating fresh air, fresh starts, and the fresh fit of all of our fun new tops. We know that rockin’ Burn gear at camp is what makes your sweat session extra special. There’s nothing as rewarding as the confidence that comes with a cute workout ensemble, great girl friends and a healthy lifestyle!

Inspired by the vibrant colors of delicious seasonal fruits, our new line is packed with enticing hues of coconut pink, mango, mint and more! We know that as soon our new goods hit the shelves, you’ll be craving the latest Burn Boot Camp looks just as strongly as you dream of your favorite post-workout fruit smoothie!

So bring out the balloons, crank up your blender and get ready to start this season on right foot. The ‘Early Spring 2017’ retail line is here to stay! Fresh Fit, packed with fashionable flavor and full of life!

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All photos captured and edited by Bri Wooten Photography

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