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From Passion to Profession: A Family’s Journey into Burn Franchise Ownership 

June 13, 2024

When you first encounter Jon and Rebecca Metzger, it’s immediately apparent that they are a dynamic couple. Fit, grounded, and armed with a sharp, semi-sarcastic wit, they have an uncanny ability to stay attuned to everything around them. From keeping track of their two energetic boys to managing their bustling schedule, they exemplify efficiency and decisiveness. When it comes to being top performing Franchise Partners, this couple is all about calculated risk, high expectations, and big dreams. With their infectious energy, they naturally draw people into their orbit.

Rebecca hails from a small town in East Texas, while Jon comes from the historic city of Fairfax, Virginia. Their paths crossed in Arizona—Rebecca was attending Arizona State where she graduated with a degree in Urban Planning, and Jon was in Arizona for Spring Training, as he had been drafted to pitch for the Kansas City Royals during his junior year at The University of Virginia.

Both were highly active during their youth. Rebecca played multiple sports—volleyball, track, and basketball—and was an All-American cheerleader. “And, believe it or not, I used to really love to run back in the day,” she laughs, “I was a really good runner…”

Jon, a former minor league pitcher, exudes the focus, drive, and “no-quit” attitude of a professional athlete, traits evident when you find yourself next to him on the Floating Floor.

After moving back east to be closer to family, their mutual interests in real estate and investing, along with Jon’s role as a Financial Advisor, led them to Burn Boot Camp Franchising. “We were looking for a business to get into. We wanted something we were passionate about, something that we could both enjoy the day to day grind. Burn was the natural fit.”

Parents to two lively boys, Lincoln and Beckett (Bo), Jon and Rebecca are committed to setting a positive example, both within their community and at home. Their passion for changing lives through Burn Boot Camp locations and being a tight-knit family fuels their success and ability to inspire others.

Jon’s financial expertise combined with Rebecca’s leadership and problem-solving skills might suggest they micromanage their gyms, but they actually employ a delegation approach. This fosters a culture of trust, accountability, and innovation within their teams. “You have to trust your team,” Rebecca explains. “You can change your employees’ lives by providing opportunities for career and personal growth. We’ve seen marriages, babies, house purchases, new cars—those big life moments.”

Rebecca recalls advice from her father: “Your team will always take on the personality of the leader. Choose what type of leader you want to be.” By being positive leaders, the Metzgers inspire their communities and gym Members in turn.

Each of their four gyms, all within 30 minutes of each other, has its own distinct personality.  “You have to let each community take on its own character,” says Rebecca. “We provide the fitness product, the retail, the nutrition, and then the community fills in the rest.”

At home, Jon and Rebecca’s passion for Burn Boot Camp has a significant impact on their sons. They involve Lincoln and Beckett in their journey, teaching them the values of hard work, perseverance, and leadership. Doing their best to balance their roles as parents and Franchise Partners, they set a powerful example, demonstrating that dreams can be achieved through determination and teamwork, much like Jon’s baseball career.

When asked about Burn, nine-year-old Lincoln hit a very straightforward, line drive, “Burn’s great, but I don’t get to do anything,” lamenting about not quite being old enough to get out on the Floating Floor with his dad. Jon reassures him, “But I’m writing workouts for you now, right?” Lincoln nods, “So I’m ready.”

When asked to describe Burn in one word, Lincoln replies, “Fit.” I suggest that it includes mental fitness as well. “On the baseball field, are you mentally tough?” Jon asks him. “Oh, yeah,” Lincoln responds. Jon continues, “Did I help you with that? Burn helped me become more mentally tough. I wasn’t as mentally tough in baseball as I am now, having gone through Burn. I try to pass that on to you.” In a rare moment of stillness, Lincoln looks up at his dad, and their shared understanding is palpable.

The Metzger family’s story is not just about building a successful business that transforms lives but about a family united by passion and a determination to make each other proud.

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