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From Strangers to Members, To Franchise Partners in Less Than One Year

December 1, 2021

With Carey Tump and Karen Pederson

Carey and Karen are incredible examples of risk being worth the reward. They share a bold and vulnerable look behind the scenes at what it looks like to partner with a new friend and take major leaps in life knowing that being “ready” isn’t a real thing! These powerhouse women started off as most of us do, strangers, when they walked into Burn Boot Camp. They had worked out near one another on the floating floor for months, but officially met when they showed up at a holiday party in the exact same outfit – a perfect conversation starter and the rest was history! Carey and Karen became fast, and fierce, friends. They both felt so at home with Burn Boot Camp, and quickly with each other. They made the decision to go into business together while still getting to know each other!

Through bold leaps of faith, holding each other in a place of grace, and overcoming struggles with grief, these women have been through it all. They’ve carved out a piece of the Waukesha community that they are proud to call their home. Listen along as these women open up and share their personal journeys that not only led them to one another but to opening a Burn Boot Camp just months after their first official meeting.

How did you guys meet and what was the path to open a Burn together?

“We warmed up near each other for 6 months and never interacted more than just high fives. Our Burn had a big holiday party that year and we showed up in the exact same outfit and it was an easy lead-in to spark up a conversation! We talked about everything that night… From both recently getting our PT certifications, work, being a Burn member. Something about our friendship just clicked right away.” -Karen

“We set our first date after that holiday party to grab a cup of coffee that quickly turned into another date for a glass of wine. We were both going through traumatic times and came to the realization that we needed to create a safe place for women who were going through something fierce the way we were. We wanted to give women what was given to us. We all need each other.” -Carey

You both left the security of corporate jobs. What was that like?

“I was contributing greatly to the household income so that was a tough conversation to have and ultimately a decision to arrive at. My husband and I both have a passion to make a difference in this world and that was not happening through my corporate job so that ultimately steered us in the direction of Burn. Quitting my corporate job was getting rid of the clutter in my life.” -Karen

You mentioned that nothing happens for a reason, and that beauty can be found in even the darkest of times. Why is that your philosophy?

“My father died unexpectedly. He was my person. It took the wind out of every sail I ever had and within a month of his passing, I quit my corporate job and I was so lost. Something inside me died when he did and it changed the trajectory of my life. It led me to Burn, it led me to Karen, it led me to the Waukesha community.” -Carey

Some have described your partnership and decision to open a business together so quickly as bold. Would you agree with that?

“We’re just two Moms who are passionate about running a Burn Boot Camp. We aren’t investors or business people. We have something different in our hearts” -Karen

“We would absolutely agree. In hindsight, it seems crazy that we went into business together. We met in January and we were talking about purchasing a franchise in May. In that short amount of time we had to convince our husbands to do this and be all in with us.” -Carey

An Analyst and a Sales Person are very opposite. Did you take some time to learn how the other person worked professionally or did it come later?

“We’ve had some growing pains but we’re stronger now than we were a year ago. We’ve learned through trial and error together and with the support from HQ. We have learned to stay in our lanes in our partnership.” -Carey

Want to hear more of this interview? Listen to their full conversation with Morgan on their episode of Coffee & Kettlebells!


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