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Get Ripped With Kettle Bells LIVE from Naples

June 17, 2016

Ready To Get Ripped?

We’re about to help you take your workout to the next level. Founder and CEO, Devan Kline collaborated with the Burn Boot Camp Naples Team to bring us a killer Kettle Bell workout! Kettle Bells are great for targeting muscle groups from head to toe, which aids in major fat loss.

The Kettle Bell is an awesome piece of equipment if you’re trying to amp up your workout or if you’re trying to mix it up. Although the Kettle Bell may look intimidating, it’s not – and your Burn Boot Camp trainers are always there to help you do the moves safely. The exercises are demoed in the video with modifications up and down for those who need it. Try the following Kettle Bell workout using the 8-10 rep rule for more effectiveness.


Kettle Bell swing


Single Arm Snatch to Press

Wood Chop

Sumo Deadlift Pulse


With all of the above exercises, it’s important to keep your shoulders back, head up and abs tight! If you need to practice some of the movements use dumbbells. We encourage you to push yourself every day inside and outside of camp.

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