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A Holiday Gift Guide For The Fitness Fanatic In Your Life

December 3, 2014

Give The Fit Gifts!

You know that moment when you open a gift and realize the person giving it to you really ‘gets you’?  It’s a pretty awesome feeling. So I’ve come up with a list of gift ideas for people who are trying to get fit, or people who work hard to stay fit, to show them you understand the commitment it takes. These gifts will encourage them to keep up their hard work and celebrate how far they’ve come.

1. Burn Boot Camp Membership

There is no better place to find the support and inspiration your loved one needs than in our camps where they can work out with others facing the same struggles. And this deal is so good you might want it for yourself!  One month of unlimited women’s Burn Boot Camp classes in Huntersville for $35. That’s a $227 dollar value!


2. Thankful 30 Crockpot Edition

Eating healthy is essential to living lean. But we’re all busy and time isn’t always on our side.

A crock pot can help make sure you are able to feed your family a healthy meal no matter how long your to-do list. This cookbook breaks down gluten free/paleo/vegan/dairy free/nut-free options all prepared in the crock pot. You can get one at any Burn Boot Camp or www.360yourlife.com for a Holiday Gift!

3. PlanetBox Launch

Our bodies are built in the kitchen. I’ve said it before. Cooking and prepping meals is a key factor in a healthy lifestyle.  The more you can take your lunch to work with you the better off you’ll be! It’s the only way to control everything you put in your body. This Planetbox Launch set looks good and is designed to hold a 3 course meal. It includes a glass dish for reheating foods and a carry bag. $69.95, https://planetbox.com/products/launch

4. Vitamix C-series Blender:

Take your smoothie, juice and soup making to the next level! It’s a little more pricey than a Nutri-Bullet but it can pulverize nuts, seeds, kale stems and frozen fruit in seconds. The Vitamix can help eliminate all those excuses that prepping healthy food is inconvenient and takes too much time.

There are different models within the C-series. Just check each to see which features you want. Prices start at $399 https://www.vitamix.com/

5. Fitbit

There is something about being held accountable that is a great motivator in getting and staying fit. Seeing progress also helps. The fitbit tracks your activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep. Which version works best for you depends on features and price. Size, battery life and of course the overall look should also be considered so it doesn’t become one of those gadgets that never get used. https://www.fitbit.com/

6. Lululemon

You can’t go wrong with Lululemon active wear. But did you know they also carry stylish gym bags every fitness fashionista would appreciate!? The Daily Om Duffel includes a shoe pouch and separate bag for your sweaty clothes, removable straps for your yoga mat and other accessories women often take to the gym like toiletries, phones and iPods. Retails $128 lululemon.com

 7. Mamaburst DVD

At home personal training for busy moms. The DVD includes 7 hours of effective Burst training routines, 23 different sessions, a 60 day challenge routine and even a grocery guide. Retails $39.95 https://mamaburst.com/

 8. Alex Water Bottle:

Anyone who is trying to get fit drinks a lot of water! Prevention Magazine named this water bottle one of the 6 best for your workout. It holds 32 ounces. It’s BPA free, dishwasher and freezer safe, and recyclable. It screws apart in the middle making cleaning easy. According to their tester, it’s also good for compact storage.

9. The Terracore:

The Terracore is a bench, a stepper, a core building agility unit. We use it all the time in camp and think it is the most versatile piece of equipment and we love it! It’ll be perfect for that person who is looking to amp up their home work out!  $279, www.vicorefitness.com

10. Customized yoga mat: 

This one isn’t for the guys. Choose from 20 different mat colors. Then pick a font. They’ll embroider a name or initials on the top of the mat. All mats are standard length and have a non-slip textured surface.  $40, mycustomyogamat.com

Bonus: Stocking Stuffer:

Don’t undo all the hard work your friend, family member or loved one has been doing by filling up their stockings with junk food. Shaklee Meal Replacement bars are perfect! A box of 7 for $31.50 you can fill up your all your stockings with these deliciously healthy meal bars! www.ourhealthmission.myshaklee.com

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