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February 24, 2021

LaTanya and her husband, Renaldo, are the Franchise Partners of Burn Boot Camp – Henderson West, NV.  She is a native of Las Vegas and was raised in a family of strong, female entrepreneurs. She learned what hard work and sacrifice looked like at a young age. LaTanya grew up watching her mother who was a divorced mom of four become one of the first African American hairstylists who worked on the strip in major hotel casinos. Her mom then went on to open a successful salon in Las Vegas. LaTanya saw firsthand the hard work her mom put in to take care of her family. 

LaTanya’s husband, Renaldo, was drafted in the first round of the NFL & his career moved them to many different cities across the US during a 13-year career. She learned about Burn when his career brought them to Charlotte, NC while working for his former coach at Joe Gibbs Racing. LaTanya’s Burn journey began at our original location in Burn Boot Camp – Huntersville, NC when a friend invited her to try a free trial. One hundred burpees later, she was hooked!

“Burn changed my life. For me, it was about the camaraderie and being a part of something bigger than myself.”

– latanya WYNN
Burn Boot Camp Franchise Partners pictured: Ginger House (Pensacola, FL & Panama City Beach, FL), Stephanie Drew (North Durham, NC), Andrea Hartshorne (Concord, NC, Harrisburg, NC & Grand Rapids, MI), Wendy Venturini Egert (Burlington, NC).

LaTanya made close friends with other members, trainers, and Franchise Partners in the community when she was a member at Burn Boot Camp – Concord, NC and says, “Burn changed my life. For me, it was about the camaraderie and being a part of something bigger than myself. Some of the women who became friends on the Concord floating floor are now Burn Boot Camp Franchise Partners across the nation, inspiring, empowering & transforming their own communities of strong women.

Despite the frequent moves, being a mom to their daughter, Kennedy, and her busy football lifestyle, LaTanya always knew, “Owning a business someday has always been a part of me.” Her dream was to be back in her hometown and give other women the opportunity to “feel what she felt and bless them how she was blessed” as a member of Burn Boot Camp. After learning that territory was becoming available in Las Vegas/Henderson area, they decided to follow LaTanya’s dream of being a Burn Boot Camp business owner and open their first location. In November 2019, Burn Boot Camp – Henderson, Nevada officially opened its doors.

Exterior signage of Burn Boot Camp – Henderson West, Nevada location

“I want more women that look like me to know that owning a Burn Boot Camp is a possibility for them.”


What keeps the Wynns going strong is their relentless pursuit to empower their Henderson, Nevada community. LaTanya’s decision to open a Burn Boot Camp has had a positive impact on both herself and her members. The Wynns now live in the Henderson area and get to own a business while also being close to family. On top of that, they’ve built another family in their Burn community and get to experience Burn transformations together. LaTanya says, “I’m not a size two, but I’m putting in the effort, present every day, and working behind the scenes with the business. When I step on the floating floor, they’re cheering me on too. I want more women that look like me to know that owning a Burn Boot Camp is a possibility for them. We would love to see more black women come through our doors, but sometimes because of our hair, the commitment, or our priorities with kids, it can be intimidating. What I’ve learned is that we have to take care of ourselves in order to take care of our children. When people come, their life is changed.”

Members at Burn Boot Camp – Henderson West, Nevada
Renaldo and the team at Burn Boot Camp – Henderson West, Nevada

LaTanya’s goal with Burn Boot Camp is to inspire other women to reach their goals and feel good, mentally and physically.

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