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How To Be You Through All Life’s Changes

December 11, 2019

Significant changes in our lives can make us feel lost, maybe even unrecognizable, both physically, mentally. Today, I am encouraging you to be proud of the person you are every day. 

The decade challenge has been floating around social media. I participated in the challenge by posting a picture of Devan and me from the present-day and ten years ago. I read so many captions on other people’s decade challenge posts that read something like: 

“This is what kids will do to you.”  or… 

“10 years ago and 10 pounds thinner, too!” 

Stop focusing on the things that you miss from your past life, focus on what you have gained! It takes a concerted effort to reconnect with yourself, make time for yourself, and take care of yourself. 

I want you to stop feeling guilty about your 45-minute workout, lunch by yourself, heading to bed early to read, or even watching an hour of your favorite show! 

Today I am giving you some of my best practices that I try to integrate into my life to keep myself a priority.

  • Schedule it on your calendar 🗓
  • Prioritize quality time with the people you love 💛
  • Pursue your passions GUILT-FREE ⭐️
  • Give back 🎗
  • Meditate 🧘‍♀️

I love pouring into you through my podcast, my social media, through Burn Boot Camp, so grab your coffee, throw in your headphones, and take 20 minutes for yourself by listening along with me today. 

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