Indulgence without Guilt: A Balanced Way to Approach Cravings
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Indulgence Without Guilt: A Balanced Way to Approach Cravings (Video)

April 3, 2018


By Caleb Greig

We are unhappy with who we are, uncomfortable in our own skin, and want to make a change in our lives. What do we do?

We make the choice to take control of our diet. We decide to swear off all unhealthy foods for the rest of our lives. We dedicate ourselves to eating entirely clean. Plain chicken, plain spinach, plain rice.

But, we find ourselves never satisfied with our meals, constantly thinking about the foods we love most and dealing with a never-ending battle inside our heads.

We have a craving for chips that we cannot get to go away. So, we decide to eat one chip. One chip can’t hurt, right? But then, we reach for a second, and then a handful, and then finally we just give in. We eat the whole bag of chips. And, why don’t we just eat a tub of ice cream, too?

Now we binged. We feel guilty, gross, and embarrassed. So, we go back to depriving ourselves, striving towards perfection. We enter this endless, hopeless cycle.

We feel at a loss. How do we put an end to our “all or nothing” approach?

Watch the video below to find out!

Which approach will you take?

We choose to eat a variety of foods, treats in moderation and meals that satisfy us. We choose to find enjoyment in developing a healthy lifestyle. We choose to let go of perfection. We choose to find balance.

Caleb Greig is the Head Trainer of Burn Boot Camp South Chandler in South Chandler, Arizona. He loves to be outdoors, particularly camping, mountain biking, or kayaking. His hobbies are cooking, photography, and creating videos, but his passion lies in changing peoples’ lives through health and fitness. For nutrition tips and fitness inspiration, check out his Instagram account!


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