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Jen Spencer Burn Bootcamp Huntersville Weight Loss Story

February 28, 2015

You HAVE to read the Jen Spencer Burn Bootcamp Huntersville Weight Loss Story…very very inspiring! Jen came into BBC looking to lose a few pounds before a Beach trip and  it turned into so much more!  Jen, I am so very proud of you and your success!

The Jen Spencer Burn Bootcamp Huntersville Weight Loss Story in her own words starts now…

“I am so pleased to have achieved some personal goals, with my trainer Devan Kline’s help!  Devan sent an email last month about

Jen Spencer Burn Bootcamp Huntersville Weight Loss Story
Jen Spencer Burn Bootcamp Huntersville Weight Loss Story

there being 100 days left in the year. It made me realize I had actually kept my New Year’s resolution… which I think is a first for me!

Last November, we had to put our sweet Boston Terrier, Lucy, down after 12 years. Needless to say, I was a hot mess! I sort of fell off the wagon… drinking a lot of alcohol, eating bad and then the holidays hit! Not surprisingly, my clothes got tight and stopped fitting. I was so so depressed and did not like the body I saw in the mirror! About the same time, my husband mentioned to me he wanted me to go with him on a business trip to Miami, in March. I knew I needed to seriously do something, because I refused to buy larger clothes and the trip was right around the corner.

On January 1st, I made a decision to eat only clean whole foods, cutting processed foods and gluten out of my diet (and cutting back on the alcohol). It quickly evolved into me giving up grains and adopting a Paleo inspired lifestyle. At the same time, I signed up and started training for a 14k in February, in addition to attending bootcamp 6 days a week. Needless to say, I was back in my size 4 jeans pretty quickly and ready to wear my bikini in Miami, in March.

However, what started out as a short term goal, really evolved into a lifestyle change. Feeling stronger and healthier, I kept up with my new eating habits and continued going to BBC 6 days a week. However, it really hit me a few weeks ago when the cooler weather hit. I went to put my jeans on and they were too big!! I’ve had to go out and buy all new clothes. I was pleasantly surprised that I had gone from a size 4 to a size 0. I have not been this size since before my kids were born (my boys are 7 and 11 years old.)

Aside from being a smaller size, at age 41, I feel stronger and healthier than ever before! I’m so excited I can finally do pull-ups and I still can’t believe I held a plank for over 35 minutes last week!

I want to thank Devan for always pushing me and helping me to challenge myself! Devan has changed and inspired me in more ways than he probably knows. Your challenging workouts, educational emails and inspiring posts on social media have helped keep me on the right path in the past year . I love what he has created with Burn Boot Camp! I’m so inspired on a daily basis… by amazing women who are becoming stronger and more confident every day, while training in a positive environment! Devan, Morgan and all of the other BBC trainers are making this community healthier and happier! Thank you!!


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