Client of the Month: Jessica Benson - Burn Boot Camp
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Client of the Month: Jessica Benson

July 31, 2017

Jessica was hesitant to join Burn Boot Camp because she had never been considered fit or athletic! After day one, she knew she was on a journey to a healthier life!

I walked through the doors of Burn in August of 2016. I was terrified! After having 3 kids and never being athletic or in shape, I was needing something to help me become a better me. I was tipping the scales at 230 and was so depressed. I had tried basic gyms in the past and never stuck with it because I never really knew what I was doing.   

From day one at Burn Boot Camp I fell in love! The trainers were amazing, the women were welcoming and the workout was top notch! Eleven months later and  I am on the right track to becoming the best me possible. Burn Boot Camp has become a home for me and is part of my daily routine. Ashley pushes me to work harder than I ever thought was possible. The people that I have met at camp are more like my family.

When I started I wanted the number on the scale to drop and drop quick. I soon realized that it isn’t all about the number on the scale. While I have lost several inches and 20lbs, my muscle has dramatically increased. My husband finds it quite humorous when I chase him around making him feel my muscles. I am no longer depressed because I feel better about myself. My self confidence is at an all time high! I love that I’m on this journey with so many beautiful women and it makes me proud to be apart of the Burn family.

Jessica Benson, Burn Boot Camp Huntersville

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