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Karen Gouge Burn Bootcamp Mooresville Weight Loss Story

March 2, 2015

Karen Gouge Burn Bootcamp Mooresville Weight Loss Story. Not only did Karen decrease her body fat % to below 20 she also took control of her headaches and her health!  Congratulations Karen you are an inspiration to women everywhere!

Read the full Karen Gouge Burn Bootcamp Mooresville Weight Loss Story here in her own words…

Karen Gouge Burn Bootcamp Mooresville Weight Loss Story
Karen Gouge Burn Bootcamp Mooresville Weight Loss Story

I started working out with BBC Mooresville in April, 2014 as part of the Human Billboard program. At that time, I knew I had to make some changes to my lifestyle and wanted to better my overall health. After having three kids, I felt out of shape and unable to keep up with my active family like I wanted to. I also suffered from chronic migraines, and for over two years, was on a preventative medications as well as blood pressure medications to try to keep my headaches under control. Unfortunately I still had migraines about 8-10 days a month and far too many breakthrough headaches. I didn’t really think I was eating unhealthy, since I was watching fat intake and eating a lot of low fat or fat free items.

Within the first month of starting BBC and working out 5-6 days a week, I started to feel dramatically better. Daniel met with me and we talked about my food choices and how I needed to kick my diet soda habit and eliminate artificial sugars. I started drinking a lot of water and added in more protein to my diet. I started to look at labels on foods more carefully and became more aware of all of the artificial sugar and preservatives in foods I was eating. By the beginning of August, I was eating clean and had dropped 8 pounds, lowered my body fat percentage and started firming up. I also noticed I had far fewer headaches…in fact, migraines (and headaches in general) was a word I was able to put in the far past. I hadn’t suffered from one in over three months! I returned to my doctor for my six month check, and was so surprised to find out my cholesterol was down, my blood pressure had returned to normal and best of all, was removed from my preventative medication! During the Commit2Fit Challenge in the fall of 2014, I dropped some more pounds, but more importantly I lowered my body fat to 19% and

When I tell people BBC has transformed me, there is no doubt I could not have been so successful on my own. I have done things at BBC I could never do before, have improved my lifestyle, my emotional and mental wellbeing and I feel proud of the person I have become. At 43, I can say I am in the best shape of my life. My journey continues every day in the gym, where I push myself to maintain my weight loss, gain lean muscle, push to challenge myself and be a better person for my family.

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