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Kileen Lost 62 LBS While Facing a Full Knee Replacement Surgery

July 17, 2014

My Take…

All I have to say is WOW! I have never seen such an amazing transformation given the circumstances.  Kileen won’t admit it because of her humble nature but I will say it for her…you are one tough mom Kileen! One of my long time clients and friend Cindy Lebeau had been telling me she is bringing a friend to train with me who really wants and needs to lose extra weight. Several times we talked about Kileen without her being there and Cindy would always say, “Once she comes, she is going to be the next poster child for how great your program works.” Well as it turned out, no one knows Kileen better than Cindy and she hit it right on the button!

The amazing thing to me about this story is not the fact that she lost 62 lbs in 8-9 months. Kileen did it on one leg! She is not an amputee by any means but for the duration her 62 lb weight loss journey she was in dire need of a full knee replacements from years and years of athletics and carrying around too much weight. She might as well had done it with her right leg tied up behind her.

Kileen would normally train at 6 pm with my amazing personal trainer and RYT (yoga pro) Lindsay Kea after I finished up with the 4:30 PM camp. I would see her coming in early to practice various things like pull-ups and jump rope (which is about the only cardio she was physically able to do). And I am just simply amazed at the dedication she displayed. I know how TOUGH Lindsay Kea is and in order to train 6 days per week with her you must REALLY have some guts and want the glory above all else because it can get grueling. We train people like professional athletes (tailored to their physical ability) and Burn Bootcamp is much like a training camp. Kileen was doing professional grade workouts on one leg with one of the toughest trainers I have ever had the priviledge of knowing!

No one can tell her story better than she can…

Kileen In Her Own Words…

“Where do I begin? First off the most rewarding job in life is being a Mom, watching your children grow, hitting milestones such as graduating Kindergarten, elementary, middle school, High School, College, hitting a game winning shot, singing in a performance, getting married, or one day seeing your grandchildren being born. But most importantly being your best to enjoy quality time with your loved ones!

In my head I was still that 117 pound bride… In actuality I was 217 pounds when I started Burn Boot Camp. Thanks to my best friend, Cindy Lebeau who had found a fitness regiment that worked for her,she encouraged and believed in me to also get involved . She assured me every bit would pay off. Cindy was by my side just about every class. She would text me to be sure I would be making class everyday. Thanks and love ya Cin!

I put myself on hold for over 20 years but with health issues (obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and most likely pre-diabetic ) and full support from my husband I was on board! Yes, I was scared, I was embarrassed, but I jumped in, I wanted this for myself! My focus changed to my health, “Mommy’s Health”!

Due to my work schedule I attended the evening BBC classes in Huntersville and was fortunate enough to cross paths with an amazing trainer, Lindsay Kea.

Lindsay challenged me every class she encouraged me to give my 100% everyday just as she does with each of her clients. She knows everyone by name and immediately I felt welcome and part of the BBC family! Training in a group setting may not be easy but Lindsay made it look simple with everyone at different levels and some clients like myself needing modifications due to fitness level challenges and/or injuries. I was given modifications every class and at times every exercise due to a 25 year old knee injury with 4 past knee surgeries and a knee replace on the horizon the end of May. You can say that she is pretty darn good with all the results basically with use of just one leg!

After 3 months I dropped 30 pounds. Now at 9 months I have lost over 62 pounds, went from a size 18 to a size 8. My Body fat % went from 43.8% to 30.6 and a BMI of 35.8 to 28.3 in 8 months. I am eating healthier than I have ever in my life thanks to Lindsay educating me about my diet and eating clean. Lindsay even got me to consider giving up my Diet Coke habit explaining all the bad effects of it on my body. I am proud to say I gave up Diet Coke which I was addicted to having at least 4-6 a day. No DC in over 4 months and no cravings!

I treasure my relationship with Lindsay as my trainer who helped me when I didn’t think I could help myself! I am also glad to call her a friend for life! I am so grateful for all my BBC girls that bring a smile to my face everyday I see them in class! I can’t thank Devan enough for his vision of getting Mom’s healthy and having an amazing team of trainers. You truly inspire us all!

Now on to my knee replacement and at least a 6 – 12 month rehab ahead if me I have the tools to get through the next several months eating healthy and doing exercises at home until I can get back to BBC!! As soon as I am cleared I will be back with the best trainers and the amazing support of all the ladies in class!! You can’t get rid of me that easy. I’m addicted and love BBC. I will be back soon!

Thanks for all the support Lindsay, Devan, Emily and all the other trainers that assisted me the last 8 months.

Much love and thanks!

Feeling healthy, strong and amazed!”

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