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Kim Plourde Burn Boot Camp Denver Weight Loss

March 11, 2015

The Kim Plourde Burn Boot Camp Denver Weight Loss story not only focuses on weight loss but also strength GAINS!  We ofter focus too much on pounds but trainer Billy Haynes has worked with Kim to tone up and build strength & endurance.  Kim looks great, feels strong AND has more energy!

Read the full Kim Plourde Burn Boot Camp Denver Weight Loss story in her own words here:

Kim Plourde Burn Boot Camp Denver Weight Loss
Kim Plourde Burn Boot Camp Denver Weight Loss

Before starting at BBC March 2014 I had come off a winter of eating everything I wanted without rules. I had stopped exercising for 3 months during the winter. Even though I have always been naturally fit I knew I was definitely not in my best shape.
I was invited to come try BBC Denver for the 14 day trial by a friend at my gym who thought that BBC would be for me. I was a litte reluctant about showing up because it is always scary trying something new and because the word bootcamp sounds intimidating. I was wondering if I would be able to do this workout is what I was thinking at the time.
After one year at BBC I have now accomplished holding a 32 minute plank, squat 80 lbs, use 20-35 lb weights in almost every camp exercise, can now do at least 5 unassisted pull-ups, bust out 1000 reps of anything, jump rope, handstand push-ups and much more. Before BBC I had not done sprints since I was on the high school track team(23 years ago) and now even though very hard, I look forward to sprint days. At this point I am celebrating 1 year at BBC having lost 5 lbs., 10 inches, 5 % body fat.

In additon to physical gains, these hard workouts (sometimes doing two BBC workouts a day) has been an energy release for me, and a coping mechanism for my everyday life. I look forward to seeing what surprises the trainers have for me each week, and enjoy meeting new ladies to encourage them with their fitness goals.
As most moms, I have a very busy lifestyle, with much responsibility, but I always carve out my BBC time each day to work on myself and to motivate others while I am there. I have a better sense of what is healthy nutrition and the woman I want to be in future.

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