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Making It Happen | Women’s History Month

March 1, 2022

Female Entrepreneurs. Working Moms. Business Owners. They lead. They raise the bar. And they fought like hell to come out of the past year better than they went into it.

Meet Krystal Tarleton & Teresa Waas; Franchise Partners of Burn Boot Camp Frederick, MD location. Their gym is  5 weeks young and they have already exceeded sales and membership goals, and are rapidly growing their team and positively impacting the Frederick community. Hard work is paying off for this incredible partnership.

Why Burn Boot Camp? 

“Burn Boot Camp is aligned with our passion for fitness and motherhood. The concept of engaging with like-minded women (and men!) in a positive community, while challenging ourselves with a great workout, and having the option to utilize childwatch was the game-changer for us.” -Krystal

“Burn Boot Camp was a concept that Krystal brought to my attention. Like Krystal said, we felt like Burn Boot Camp offered more than just a gym, but a concept that we could relate to.” -Teresa

How has Burn impacted your family? 

“Since I’ve started doing the business side of Burn and working out at Burn, my family has witnessed me filling my cup up first. At Burn, I’m surrounded by friends which always puts me in a good mood. I feel stronger and more confident after completing camps.”  

“At home, I am more intentional when spending time with my family. They’ve enjoyed this version of mom!”

“Becoming a Franchise Partner at Burn has inspired me to show my family how strong I really am.  I feel so blessed and excited to go to work each day, and when I come home I can’t wait to tell my family about it.  I agree with Krystal, showing the people who love me this version of myself has empowered all of us!”

Growing up, did society lead you to believe that women had a “place” or only belonged in certain rooms, at certain tables? How has your understanding of what it means to be a woman changed through the years?

“I grew up around strong, independent women that never let me believe that women had a “place”. I was raised in a household where I learned I could do what I wanted as long as I worked hard for it. Sometimes it takes grit, but you can reach your goals if you really want to.” -Krystal

What women inspire you and why? 

“Hands down, my grandmother and my mother.  My grandmother and mother immigrated to the U.S. during the Vietnam war and worked extremely hard to provide for her daughter, her parents, and her siblings to make it to safety during that time. Through hard work and no room for failure, she created a successful life owning multiple restaurant businesses in Virginia Beach, VA, and Norfolk, VA. The hours were long, but the reward of providing the “American Dream” for her family was priceless. I have a young mother who followed in her mother’s footsteps and provided a great life for me no matter the circumstances. Growing up in the family business, she also owned her own restaurant in the Virginia Beach area.” -Krystal 

“These women did not make excuses, they made it happen.”

What kind of woman are you trying to raise in your daughter? What kinds of things do you want her to believe about herself as she grows into a woman? 

“I want my daughter to follow her passions and joys. I also want her to know that it is her choices and decisions that will shape her future and to choose wisely, that life may not always go according to plan, but how you react to life’s chaos is what matters.  I want her to continue to have the confidence she has now as an 8-year-old for the rest of her life! She inspires me daily.” -Krystal



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