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Morgan Kline: My Transformation*

January 26, 2017


Growing up I was always an athlete and I played at least three sports at a time. I always had practice and games to get me motivated and my body moving in an athletic way. Unfortunately as soon as I graduated high school, I felt stuck. There was nothing to keep me motivated, no coaches telling me what to do, no workout program that would challenge me, and I had very limited resources to keep myself moving. I started to lose my passion, motivation and enthusiasm and it began effecting other areas of my life as well.

Finally I realized I had an important, life-changing decision to make. Do I change what I should be doing, exercising and staying healthy, and make it an absolute must – or do I conform to the standards society was setting for me and let life pass me by without living it to the fullest? The answer was easy.


I decided to take back control of my body. I had no idea how, but I knew that once I made this monumental decision I was going to be relentless in the pursuit of bettering myself each and every day.

It wasn’t easy, and I certainly didn’t get any trophies for “trying.” As a matter of fact, it was very hard and I was often the outcast amongst my friends. Support for what I was doing was scarce and I spent a lot of my own time researching what it meant to truly be healthy. I didn’t have a single clue on how to effectively workout and burn calories.

When I first started changing my life I found myself back in the mindset of feeling “stuck” once again! I was never “overweight” and didn’t necessarily struggle to lose weight, so why was I even trying? I remember a distinct moment when I read an article about the ill effects of canned soda and instantly became grossly turned off by the site of it. This simple experience taught me that health is so much than the number on the scale. It also involves what you put into your body! With cancer, diabetes, and various diseases on the rise, I knew I had to be more conscious of what I put in my body, but I also knew that I had to keep my body moving to have the best chance at a long, prosperous life. That is where it all truly began!


Being the founder and COO of a multi-million dollar organization, having household to run, and being the mother to my beautiful daughter, time to myself is a rarity! There are days where fitting my workout in seems nearly impossible! Fortunately I decided long ago that “I should”  is no longer a part of me, and “I must” outweighed everything. My workouts became a must in my life! After I dedicated myself to this mindset I discovered my go-to training style, burst training! If you want a better understanding of that terminology, the video below will teach you how to turn overwhelming amounts of cardio equipment into a simplified session full of heart pounding, confidence building, fat burning exercises.

I am the best version of myself that I have ever been. In order to be the best version of yourself, you must take care of yourself FIRST. Since fitness has become a lifestyle for me, I know I can overcome any challenges that come my way. Putting myself and my health first has made me physically and mentally stronger. After choosing to transform my well-being, I quickly realized that everyone around me was also reaping the benefits of this positive change.

I used to think I had no time, I used to care what other people thought and I often times would think if I didn’t go out with my friends every weekend that they wouldn’t like me. I thought training and nutrition was hard and I believed I could never enjoy it. Now I am happy and thriving. I have even more time to spend with my family, I have encouraging friends who also enjoy health and fitness, and myself and my peers are all loving the process!

This lifestyle has completely transformed me, inside and out! Don’t take any moment for granted. Once you turn your shoulds into musts, I have no doubt it will transform your life as well!

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