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Morgan’s 2021 Wrap-Up

December 16, 2021

Man, this has been a year filled with incredible conversations. There is something so special about hearing someone talk about their experiences and describe the wisdom they have gained. Today, I wanted to document and share some of your favorite episodes, ranging from mental wellness to Franchise Partner journeys to getting your family healthy to taking bold leaps and big risks in life to live fully – we cover it all in these episodes!

The best gift you can give me this holiday season is to rate, review and subscribe to my podcast. I want to hear from YOU. What topics should I cover next year? Who should we interview? This podcast is a representation of the Burn culture which is centered around the ideas and opinions of others and coming together collectively – so don’t shy away from sharing! As always, my door is wide open.

Merry Everything and Happy New Year!


Your Top 5 Episodes: Audience Picks

  • Mental Health & Good Nutrition for the Female Athlete with Taylor Kiser
  • Getting Your Family Healthy with Jessica Spiers
  • Let’s Break the Stigma and Talk About Mental Health With a Burn Boot Camp Owner, ER Nurse, and Mom of Three with Darci Evans
  • What Is Holistic Health and Why Is It So Important? With Dr.Cammy Benton
  • How To Change Your Life: The Courage, the Risks and the Rewards With Franchise Partner Lisa Kostelnik

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