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My *Secret* Fitness Formula (15 Intense Fat Burning Exercises)

October 16, 2015

Today is your lucky day! I am actually going to reveal the fitness formula I use with all my clients to get these CrAzY result! I was on the fence about releasing this at first because I didn’t want other personal trainers picking up and using it for themselves but you know what? I say let them have it, I can settle with indirectly making the world a better place ! The real reason is because it is all about YOU and getting YOU in the best shape that I possibly can.

My *Secret* Fitness Formula is known around Charlotte, N.C. as “Burn Bootcamp“. The program is so effective is because of its versatility and ability to be changed on a daily basis. I know how monotanous of these other programs can when they have you doing the same 10 exercises for 8 weeks in a row over…and over…and over until you have the thought of 4×10 imprinted into your memory. That is why this is your lucky day! You are going to learn the absolute best way to burn a maximum amount of calories and fat in the shortest amount of time!

Before I reveal the Burn Training protocol I feel that is it especially important to share with you the mindset the moms posses who are most successful. These 3 things make up “Mom’s Mental Mindset” to achieve fitness success

  1. Get Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs – You HAVE to throw the excuses out the window! No one said that training your body to be healthy and strong was an easy task. If it were easy everyone would be doing it and McDonald’s would go out of business. You have to believe that there is nothing you can’t achieve. It sounds cliche but its true. Everyone can get fat and everyone can get skinny. Some just have to work harder than others!
  2. Have Laser Like Focus – Set small goals and focus like a laser beam on reaching that goal. Let me explain. If you have a small goal, let’s say “Losing 2 lbs in one week” you do everything in your power to reach it. First, you work backwards. If you want to lose 2 lbs then your calorie intake 7500 less than your calorie expenditure. In order to do that you eat high protien and smart carb meals. To do THAT you have to clear your house of junk food…etc. See where I am going with this?
  3. Surround Yourself With Support – Nothing and I mean NOTHING can be as detremental to your fitness as “Negative Nancy’s” (feel free to use that one). If you have friends who are downers and depressed because they have a muffin top (when your fat hangs over your belt), it’s a good idea to spend less time with them. There is nothing more power than a group (or team) of people who motivate, encourage, and support one another! That why I love running bootcamp so much!

Now that you know the mindset you need to stop making excuses, focus like a hawk, and find motivation in a supportive community. Here is the famous….(drum roll)….Burn Training Protocol

3 Pre-Workout Guidelines

1. Everywork is 20-45 minutes – Do NOT exceed 45 minutes because you will over train yourself (sometimes too much is too much). Less than 20 your body never reaches the anabolic threshold long enough to have the “AfterBurn” effect of continuous calorie burn due to muscle recovery.

2. Make sure you eat a proper meal 1-2 hours before – This is an intense program and doing it on an empty stomach usually ends up in a faceplant on the floor (just kidding that has never happened but you will get dizzy and have to stop). You use a lot of energy working out at this intensity. (Little Tip -Your preworkout meal is the best meal of the day to consume carbs)

3. Train 3-6 times per week – This is a proven formula with over 1,200 lbs of fat melted off of butts, gutts, and thighs by my in person clients and bootcamps. My most successful clients trained 3-6 times per week and rest at least 1 day per week with no physical activity. AND BRING A TOWEL, YOU’LL NEED IT!

….here it is….

Burn Training Protocol


  • Daily Workout Formula – 5 Exercise “Interval Circuit” 45/15/45 Protocol – Every workout will consist of a series 5 exercises one after another. Each exercise interval (time doing exercise) will last 45 seconds followed by a 15 second rest. Once you have completed 1 circuit (all 5 exercises) in a row you rest for 45 seconds and repeat as many times as you can for the duration of your workout.


  • Weekly Schedule Formula – So you pick 5 exercises from the *Fat Torching Exercises* List and plug them into this formula.
  • Two Muscle Group Formula – Alternate between exercises. For example, if I have Legs/Core I would perform my 5 exercises in this order – Legs, Core, Legs, Core, Legs, Rest.
  • Three Muscle Group Formula – Alternate between exercises. For example, if I have Chest, Back, Core I would perform my 5 exercises in this order – Chest, Back, Core, Chest, Back, Rest.


Week Schedule

Week 1

M – Legs/Core

T – Full Body

W – Chest, Back, Core

T – Full Body

F – Shoulder, Bi, Tri

S – Cardio/Core

Week 2

M- Full BodyT- Chest, Shoulder, TricepW – Core/Cardio

T- Back, Bicep, Cardio

F- Full Body

S- Core/Cardio

Week 3

M -Full Body

T – Legs/Core

W – Full Body

T – Chest/Core

F – Full Body

S – Legs/Core

Week 4

M – Chest, Back, CoreT – Legs, Shoulders, CardioW – Bicep, Tricep, Cardio

T – Chest, Back, Core

F – Legs/Cardio

S – Shoulders, Bicep, Tricep

So there it is…the formula I use with all my clients and achieve a MASSIVE amount of success. I would love for you to give it a shot and really show yourself how good you really are! If you were confused on what to do in the gym or at home, your not anymore! This program is designed specifically to burn twice the fat in half the time!

Since I am giving you this practically done-for-you fat burning machine I would like to hear your feed back if you decide to do it!

“Fit Moms Forever: Burn Training T-Shirt Challenge”

Here is your challenge. Use my proven program for 12 weeks (3 months). It does not matter what exercises you choose as long as you perform them on specified days and stick to the interval (time) protocol. You can do this at home or at the gym and it only takes 30 mins per day! The only thing you need for this program is your body weight, a mat, 10-15 lb dumbells, and the “Mom’s Mental Mindset”!

…If you would like to drop anywhere from 10-40 lbs, tighten your body, and FINALLY get rid of your baby weight forever…take the  “Fit Moms Forever: Burn Training Challenge”…..there are 3 rules to getting “Fit Moms Forever: Burn Training” T-Shirt and Online success story!

  • Send me a revealing before picture (showing most undesired areas)
  • Keep track of daily diet and make me a copy
  • Send me an after picture in the same pose minus 10-40 lbs

E-Mail me at [email protected] for more details.


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