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Nicole Anthony Burn Bootcamp Weight Loss Story

March 2, 2015

Nicole Anthony Burn Bootcamp Weight Loss Story.  After signing an accountability “contract” with her trainer Cortney Balicki there were no more excuses! This busy mom-of-2 changed her entire schedule and lifestyle around to make it to bootcamp everyday at 6:15AM.  And it paid off!  Nicole lost 75 pounds in 8 months!  Amazing!!!

Nicole Anthony Burn Bootcamp Weight Loss Story – read the inspirational story in her own words:

Nicole Anthony Burn Bootcamp Weight Loss Story
Nicole Anthony Burn Bootcamp Weight Loss Story

Before BBC, I always looked at my body and treated it unfairly because I thought it failed me: I had a miscarriage, sexual trauma, and a lot of childhood hurt that I turned to food and alcohol to cope. This coping led me to be over 200 pounds and after years of this unhealthy pattern, I stopped wanting to go out with friends and family and refused to look at myself in mirrors because I was ashamed of how I looked and felt about my body. I wanted something more for my kids, my husband, but most importantly, for me. As a yoga teacher, I was skeptical of the bootcamp workouts and didn’t want to come for fear that I would be judged for being too fat or not being strong enough. I spent 6 months researching BBC before joining-I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be putting myself into a situation where I would hate my body all over again.

8 months later, I have lost 75 pounds (and counting), 20% body fat, and over 30 inches all over my body!!!! I went from a sized XXL to a small/medium. The numbers and sizes have been a motivating factor, but it is really about the way I think and feel about myself. I am so confident in myself, I don’t try to cover my body with extra clothes and enjoy looking at myself in the mirror to see all of my hard work and progress.

I used to want to be what everyone else expected of me, but once I changed my focus to myself, I realized that the person who needed to change was me-and I fought every day at BBC to find her. It wasn’t just about the physical stuff, it was pushing past the mental blocks of “I can’t do this.” or “I will always be this way.” I didn’t have the courage to love myself exactly as I was, but I did have the courage to change into the person I am now. With the help of BBC,I found myself again-and I am loving me!


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