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Challenge and Nutrition Resources

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Welcome to Burn Boot Camp Commit2Fit Challenge! We are thrilled that you are a part of our community! Below you’ll find some insider info for all things Commit2Fit to help you on your incredible journey to your strongest self.

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Commit2Fit Challenge Packet

Burn Boot Camp’s COMMIT2FIT Challenge Packet will guide you through your 21-day experience to re-commit to building strength, fueling your body intentionally, and crushing goals!

Choose the Meal Plan That Works For You

To get the most out of the COMMIT2FIT Challenge, stick with a meal plan for 21 days. We know that every body is different and have created 3 different meal plans based on your suggested caloric intake. Visit to find your target daily calorie level.

COMMIT2FIT Meal Plan: 1,500 Calories/Day


COMMIT2FIT Meal Plan: 1,800 Calories/Day


COMMIT2FIT Meal Plan: 2,200 Calories/Day


Nutrition Manual 2021

This manual speaks to the Burn Nutrition Philosophy and three key ideas: Energy Balance, Insulin Regulation and Macronutrient Ratios. You’ll find a wealth of resources in this manual including the 10 Minute Menu and Meal Plans, Grocery Guide and Top Swap Outs.

10 Minute Menu and Meal Plans

Burn Boot Camp’s 10 Minute Menu offers 50 recipes that are macro-friendly, quick and easy to make. You’ll find five sample meal plans ranging from 1500-3000 calories.


Grocery Guide

This grocery guide is essential in building out your grocery shopping list. Print and use this tool regularly to make grocery shopping a breeze!


Top Swap Outs

This is tool to help you find healthy swaps to some of the foods you’re eating on a daily basis. Here you’ll find swaps for breakfast, lunch dinner, snack & sweets and other everyday substitutes.


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